Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hasbro Spellshot – zAPPed Edition - Another Fun App Based Game from Hasbro @FamilyGameNight

spellshot 02

Spellshot zAPPed - a Little Bit of Magic, a Lot of Fun

  • For Two Players - Ages 8 and Up
  • Element Based Wizards Battle For Treasure
  • Cast Spells and Use Strategy
  • Requires an iPad (not included) and a Free App
  • Suggested Retail Price - $17.99 (prices vary by location)
Spellshot zAPPed is a game for two players. Using the game pieces supplied, your own iPad, and a free app downloaded from iTunes, players use their wizards to cast spells which will either help them to advance toward treasure, keep their opponent for reaching treasure, or to gather Up the treasure required to win the game.

spellshot 01
The game play is fairly simple, but it does require some speed and strategy to play well. Each wizard has a root element. Wind, water, fire or earth will be the source of their powers. There is also an option to use basic spells only, or to include the more advanced ones.
Noxius, the fire wizard, uses blazing comets to gain area and throws fireballs at his opponents to steal treasure or power!   Breezicus blasts away with hailstorms and hurricanes.  Landor, the Tree can tangle his foes with roots, and grow more grass to advance, while Stormicus uses the forces of water to win.
spellshot 03

The key to properly executing a task is to trace a pattern inside of a circle according to the directions found both on the screen and on the wizard's accompanying card. If a player is having trouble mastering a spell, there is a option to practice.

In this video Boy Two shares the game highlights and we let you peek at some of our game play.

We are having a lot of fun with this game.  A round last about ten minutes or less, and it makes the boys think about their moves and form strategies.