Friday, October 12, 2012

The League of Incredible Vegetables Bring a Lesson About Facing Fear (With Give Away) @VeggieTales

Incredible Vegetables

The League of Incredible Vegetables - A New DVD, and Interactive Website, and More!

  • A Brand New DVD  Featuring LarryBoy 
  • Meet Some New Heroes With Familiar Faces
  • Visit the Interactive Website For Kids and Parents
  • A New Theme Song From the Newsboys
  • Special Features (and a New Silly Song!)
  • A Valuable Faith Based Lesson in Facing Fear and True Heroism
  • Suggested Retail Price - $18.00 (Grab a Fantastic Pre-Order Special Price before 10/16)
  • Not Rated - Family Friendly 
  • The Main Feature is 45 Minutes 
Fans of VeggieTales are probably already familiar with LarryBoy, the lovable superhero who protects and serves Bumblyburg.  In this story, LarryBoy learns that sometimes troubles are too big to handle alone.  With the help of some new superhero friends - ThingamaBob, S-Cape, Vogue, and Ricochet don their super suits to help their friend combat the Chillin' Villain, Dr. Flurry and his minion penguins.

I often tell my children that heroism does not require a lack of fear, but rather a large dose of faith and courage.  We should have a healthy respect of a dangerous situation, but also know that we cannot stand by and allow bad things to happen because of our worries.  That is what makes the hero.  The action, in spite of the possibility of personal harm.


This is a large part of faith, but it is also difficult to convey to children.  The League of Incredible Vegetables does a wonderful job showing that courage paired with faith is a winning combination.  God is indeed bigger than our fears.

It was very nice to see some of our favorite Veggies in Bumblyburg, and I love how the Big Idea Movies convey fear fairly accurately without using scary imagery that might be upsetting to children.

Special Features include the music video, behind the scenes footage, a Superhero Sing Along, A Theme Song Sing Along, a Parent's Guide to Raising Incredible Kids, and studio commentary.  there is a Silly Song included, ("Supper Hero") and if needed, there are English and Spanish subtitling options.

While waiting for the release, visit the League's very own website where you can learn more about the characters, watch videos, download the song, activity sheets, and parent pages. The theme song is from the Newsboys.

The movie will be available at select Christian stores tomorrow, Saturday, October 13th, and available in other retail locations, (including online sites) on Tuesday, October 16th.  There are some nice pre-order specials available, too.

I am happy to share the offer of one DVD for giveaway.  If you would like to try to win it, please use the Rafflecopter form below, follow the directions carefully, and have your entries in by 12:01 AM on October 29th when the form closes.

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Good Luck!