Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Acnetene Skin Care Products for #Acne Prevention @HealthyHairSkin

Acnetene Products
The Acnetene Skin Care System
  • Set Includes Five Products Designed to Combat Acne 
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Now that they are entering their teens, my sons have begun experiencing some fairly significant acne breakouts.  Because they wear headgear for their sweaty mixed martial arts practices and they always like to wear a hat of some sort the worst area is the forehead near the hairline.

As you can see, the break outs are inflamed and uncomfortable.  It has been very frustrating for them - especially now when they are becoming more conscious of their appearance.

Skin before Acnetene

When I was asked if I would try the Acnetene system with them, I replied with an enthusiastic YES!  We have tried quite a few over the counter products, and nothing was really knocking our socks off.

The kit contains five products:
  • Acnetene® AcneWash® is a gentle cleanser.
  • Acnetene® PimplePads® are soaked in toner and help to remove dirt and surface oils
  • Acnetene® PimplePaste® is the magic ingredient.  Used as a full masque or a spot treatment it gently exfoliates and clears up problem areas
  • Acnetene® ClearCream® lightly moisturizes without clogging pores 
  • Acnetene® ZitStick® This spot treatment doubles as a concealer.  The green tone dulls redness.
We have seen good results when the products were used consistently.

Skin after Acnetene
The specially formulated products were created specifically to target the causes of acne - excessive skin oils, bacteria, and large pores.  Studies show that using the system will  reduce skin's oil secretions and shrink enlarged pores.  It will also kill bacteria and fungus in inflamed tissue.

Please visit this webpage if you would like to read more about these products and their ingredients.

We found that it was not painful to apply to skin with active breakouts and we saw significant change in about 10 days.

To see a wide array of beauty products for hair and skin, visit the SkinEnergizer website at  Make secure purchases using credit cards or PayPal, and be sure to use the coupon codes provided above!  You can also follow SkinEnergizer on Facebook or on Twitter.