Monday, October 14, 2013

Mix it Up With #Skylanders Swap Force! This is a Great New @SkylandersGame

Skylanders Swap Force for Wii
Skylanders Swap Force
  • A New Dimension into Skylanders Fun
  • Interchangeable Parts on 16 New SwapForce Figures
  • Other New Figures are also Available
  • Sklylanders Giants and Spyro's Adventure Figures Will Work on the New Portal
  • There is a Version for Wii, WiiU, XBox360, 3DS, and PS3
  • Suggested Retail Price for the Starter Pack is $74.99
  • Starter Pack Includes The Game, a New Portal, Three Figures, a Poster, and Instructions
  • Includes Two SwapForce Figures and LightCore Figure (With Coded Stickers and Trading Cards)
  • Adventure Game Created by Activision - Rated e!0 for Mild Cartoon Violence
  • Play in Battle Mode, Survial Mode or Story Mode - Choose Your Own Difficulty Settings
  • Individual and Multipack Figures Also Avialable
  • Play Solo or With Two Players
One of the most exiting exhibits at February's Toy Fair was the Activision Skylanders SwapForce area.  I had the chance to see the game as it neared completion and even play a little bit.  My boys are already huge fans of Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders Giants but the SwapForce Game eclipses both of these by adding new figures with the ability to level up to 20.  that's not all - they can also jump, dig, teleport, climb, bounce, and fly.  Best of all, these characters can swap body parts and share their awesome powers.

This isn't just a cheesy repackaging of the same old game - Activison did a fantastic job of making it worth the upgrade.

Isn't that fun?  We have been playing the Wii version of the game - it has a lot of opportunity for adventure in either story mode or battle mode.  I also like the ability to adjust the difficulty levels so that it is fun for everyone - and there is the ability to create a "fair fight" so that I can choose to battle with my favorite Skylanders even if they aren't the most powerful.

Skylanders Swap Force for WiiHere is a Wii Starter Pack and two new SwapForce LightCore figures. To play you will need a Wii and controllers with nun-chucks.  The figures from previous games will work with this new version, so keep them nearby!  However, this is a new portal, and it is tethered to the Wii Unit.  Before playing remove the wireless connector for the old portal and plug the new one in.

Skylanders Swap Force
The figures come with their trading cards, stickers and secret codes - there is also a new poster for fans who like to check off their collection.

In the photo below I will show you a "swap"berween Wash Buckler and Blast Zone - the two swappable figures from the starter pack.

Skylanders Swap Force
Now they are Wash Zone and Blast Buckler!  The sixteen available figures can combine to make over 250 unique characters!

Blast Buckler and LightCore StarStrike are on the Portal of Power in the photo below.  Note the cord for the portal, the swapped figure, and the way the LightCore figure glows.

Skylanders Swap Force
When choices are locked onto the portal you will get onscreen confirmation as seen below.

Skylanders Swap Force
Visually, the game is beautiful.  the voices are also extremely well done and the story is interesting and fun for kids.  It is obvious a lot of thought went into this game!  It is entertaining for adults, too.

Skylanders Swap Force

I hope you have fun mixing it up with your new Skylanders.  This game is definitely a hit here!