Thursday, December 5, 2013

Put Some Teenymates in Your Favorite Sports Fan's Christmas Stocking - @LilTeammates

TeenyMates Holiday
Teenymates - Fun For Playing or Collecting
  • Collect Blind Packs or Your Team Choice Keychains
  • Available for NFL, NHL, and NBA
  • Special Rare Figures in Blind Packs
  • TeenyMates are One Inch in Size - (And Not for Children Under 3!)
  • Buy some Now at Target, Team Shops, Sporting Goods Stores and Hobby Shops
  • Play Around on the Interactive TeenyMates Website
  • Like the Facebook Page or Follow on Twitter (@LilTeammates)
It can be hard to come up with cute stocking stuffer ideas, so if you have a sports fan to shop for, you might be interested in TeenyMates.  These little guys are so cute!  Play with them, or collect them.  

Kids like them because they are cute and portable.  Collectors like them because they are priced reasonably making the goal of an entire set achievable without breaking the bank.  (There is no specific player to hope for, just teams.) 

To keep it interesting, there are different levels of rare figures to aim for on the quest for the set, and a puzzle to put together, too.  Once all of the pieces are compiled the puzzle makes a playing field, ice rink, or basketball court.  (The other side has Teenymates)

The packs look like this:

The Teenymates and puzzle pieces look like this:

Put a few packs in your favorite Sport's Fan's Christmas Stocking this year!

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