Monday, June 23, 2014

The Good Book - A DVD About the Power of The Bible (With Give Away)

The Good Book DVD
The Good Book Movie
  • An Unrated Evangelistic Silent Movie
  • English Language - 1 hour 4 minutes 
  • Not Rated - (I would Recommend Ages 12 and Over)
  • A Mainstreet Productions Film
  • Recognized by Several Christian Film Festivals
  • Directed By Sharon Wilharm
  • Website:
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The Good Book is a silent movie that speaks volumes.  No words are necessary for the viewers to see the power of the The Bible for the people who come into possession of a small pocket version of the New Testament.

The journey begins with a young boy.  The pour soul makes a terrible mistake and runs away from home in shame.  He is given the book by a girl who is part of a mission that works with homeless people.  He is eventually reunited with his family and leaves the book with a man who helped him.  That simple act makes the comforting verses available to a woman who is facing a period of hopeless desolation, and so it goes, on and on.  The book continues to travel and The Word is balm to breaking hearts.

Some of the scenarios are bit heavy, so although the film is not rated I would recommend an audience of at least twelve years old and up.  A story about the work of Bible smugglers and the persecution of Christians in some countries may be especially hard for some to see.

Although there is a Presbyterian family at the center of one vignette there is denominational  bent to the movie.  It is generically Christian and shows some ocean baptisms in one scene.

The movie is just an hour and four minutes long with some special features.  The website also offers some ministerial advice for religious or community leaders.

The Good Book Menu Screen
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