Thursday, July 3, 2014

Find Your @SundownNaturals Gummy Supplement Match #SundownNaturalsGummies

Sundown Naturals Gummies
Sundown Naturals Gummies 
  • A Wide Variety of Gummy Supplements
  • Great Fruity Tasting Gummies
  • These Supplements do Not Contain Gluten or Wheat Products
  • Free of Dairy and Lactose
  • No Artificial Flavor, Sweetener, or Color
  • Choose Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, or Adult MultiVitamin
  • Fish Oil, Calcium, Melatonin, and fiber Supplements are Also Offered
  • Widely Available in Pharmacies, Mass Retailers, and Online
  • Visit the Sundown Naturals Website
  • Sundown Naturals also Has a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account (@SundownNaturals)
  • Take the Sundown Naturals Gummy Match Quiz and Get a $2 Off Coupon
Sundown Naturals Vitamin C
A little while ago, I took the Gummy Match Quiz mentioned in the bullet points above and took the suggestion to try the Vitamin C Gummies.  I am not getting any younger, and I think I can benefit from some added antioxidants and a little immune support.

These gluten free, vegetarian gummies have a bright citrus flavor.  There are 90 in a bottle and it is suggested that adults take two each day, preferably with a meal.

Sundown Naturals Vitamin C Gummies
There are no artificial sweeteners, but if you are a diabetic or watching sugar intake there is sugar, corn syrup, and pectin in the formula.

Taking two gummies will provide 250 mg of Vitamin C which easily exceeds the daily minimum requirement.

If you have different dietary needs, you can also take the Gummy Match Quiz.

Sundown Naturals Quiz
Find a supplement that suits your needs and receive a $2 off coupon, too.

Sundown Naturals also has a free app for Apple or android Devices.  It is called the V-Minder app and it will remind you when it is time to take your supplements or to refill your supply.

Simply scan your Sundown Naturals products into the app and fill in the information about how much and how often you take them.  The App stores the information and sends you a reminder.  You can also add your own items, like prescription medications - but these are not scannable, you must enter them manually.

Once the information is entered, the app will also track your supply and  let you know when you are starting to run low.

*Please keep in mind that statements about these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Always check with a doctor before starting a new supplement, and inform medical professionals of all medications and supplements that you take when you are being treated.  


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