Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dr. Squatch - Natural Manly Soap With Invigorating Scents #DrSquatch

Dr. Squatch Soap 00
Dr. Squatch Natural and Refreshing Soaps for Men
  • Handcrafted Soaps are Made With Natural Oils For Healthy and Soft Skin
  • Made With Pride in The United States of America
  • Five Ounce Square Bars are Sold Individually, in Gift Sets, or by Subscription
  • Manly Scents Include Pine Tar, Bay Rum, Spearmint Basil, Gold Moss, Cool Aloe, Cedar Citrus, Eucalyptus and Deep Sea
  • One Bar Costs $6 and Lasts About a Month With Average Use
  • Soaps are Safe to Use on Face and Hair
  • Place Orders by Way of the Website:
  • The Website Also has a FAQ Page, Information About the Company and the Products and a Blog
  • Payments can be Made by PayPal or check Out Securely With Most Major Credit Cards
  • Find Dr. Squatch on Facebook and Take the Dr. Squatch Soap Picker Quiz to Find Your Soap Mate
Dr. Squatch Box
A Dr. Squatch Gift Box
I have a pair of active teen boys.  My twins spend a lot of time playing basketball outside and their evenings are spent doing MMA training or at basketball practice.  They work hard, sweat a lot, and they don't come home with that sweet smelling little boy scent anymore.

In fact, when I walk past their hamper I often think that this guy dropped off his laundry!

Dr. Squatch Soaps 02
If you have some Squatches of your own, you may be interested in these great soaps by the Dr. Squatch company.  They are made by hand with natural products like coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil, shea butter, and soybean oil which are great for the skin - but the soaps themselves are downright manly.

Infused with scents like Pine Tar, Citrus, Basil, and Spearmint, these soaps clean, kill odors, and leave men feeling great and smelling masculine.  Some bars even offer exfoliating ingredients.

The environmentally conscious packaging is made from 100% recycled material and each box tells this story:
We all have human obligations, but as men we still desire to be wild, fee, and natural like a Sasquatch.  Turn your shower up a notch and unleash your inner man with Dr. Squatch Soap that's full of the simple and natural ingredients that your body needs.
There is a small hole for getting a good whiff of the wonderful smell the soap offers.  There is also a sticker that serves to seal the package, identify the scent, and list the ingredients.

We received a bar of Bay Rum and a bar of Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt.

The Bay Rum bar provides a clean, bright scent.  It has a base of Olive, Coconut, Hemp, and Non-GMO Soy Oils and some Shea Butter and is infused with fragrance oils.  The Scent is not too strong, and is described on the website as:  "a combined scent of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, crisp pine needles, and a sweet orange freshness.  A smooth and creamy bar with a tropical twist that will transport you to the islands before that big day at work."

The Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt soap is also a good refreshing, eye-opening choice.  This bar also provides some exfoliation and gets its scent from essential oil.  The base is created with same saponified oils and then Greek yogurt extract, eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint leaves, and oatmeal are added to create a perfect combination of invigoration and exfoliation.  The website description says:  "Scented with Eucalyptus Essential Oils, this all-natural bar is a favorite of those looking for a bit of morning pep.  Some say Eucalyptus Oils can be up to 25% more effective waking you up than a cup of coffee."

The other scents available are Pine Tar, Gold Moss Scrub, Cedar Citrus, Spearmint Basil Scrub, cool Fesh Aloe, and Deep Seat Goat's Milk.  To find your best Dr. Squatch Soap you can take the Soap Picker Quiz.
Dr. Squatch Quiz
If you are gift shopping, choose a four bar gift box, and if you are looking to save some money, sign up for the subscription service to save 13-30% per bar with quarterly deliveries.  You may also want to pick up a soap saver to get the most out of your great new soaps.

Treat your man to some Dr. Squatch and you will both be happy.