Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Stores Today! VeggieTales "Celery Night Fever" - A Lesson in Forgiveness #VeggieTales

Celery Night Fever
Celery Night Fever - A Lesson in Forgiveness
  • Starring Everyone's Favorite Veggies - Larry, Bob, Junior, and Laura
  • Featuring Terry Crews as "Bruce Onion"
  • Family Friendly Animated Movie With a Christian Message
  • Single Disc - 50 Minutes Plus Special Features - English Language
  • Official Release August 5th, 2014
  • Order From the VeggieTales Store or Your Favorite Retailer
  • Suggested Price is $14.99 - Will Vary by Location
  • Visit the VeggieTales Website veggietales.com For Activities, Games, videos and Shopping
  • VeggieTales Has a Facebook Page, a Twitter Account, Some Pinterest Boards, and a YouTube Channel
Celery Night Fever 2
When Laura Carrot finds out that real estate tycoon Bruce Onion wants to level Celery Park she is determined to do what she can to save it.  She gets the smart idea to reunite her grandfather's famous band The Groovy Brothers for a fundraising concert.

Unfortunately in her zeal to save the park she gets into a fight with her best friend, Junior Asparagus.  She doesn't even want to be his friend anymore!  Then she sees The Groovy Brothers band-mates behaving badly because of an old grudge and it looks like the concert may not happen at all!

It isn't until everyone remembers that God forgives everyone (even when we don't deserve it!) that things turn around.  The band puts on a great show, Laura and Junior work out their differences, and even Bruce Onion has a change of heart.

Everyone learns the important lesson brought to us by way of QWERTY:

Celery Night Fever Qwerty Verse
After enjoying the movie, you may want to check out these special features.

Celery Night Fever Special Features
There are also some previews, including one for the upcoming movie "Beauty and the Beet" that is due to come out this Fall.

Veggie Fans will be happy to know that I have the chance to offer a copy of this DVD for giveaway.  Use the Raffkecopter form to submit your entries.
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