Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#Bananagrams Wild Tiles - @Bananagrams Just Made Awesome Even Better!

Bananagrams Wild Tiles
Bananagrams Wild Tiles Game - Exclusively at Target Stores
  • A Fast paced Word Game For 2- 8 Players, Ages 7 and Up
  • Games Last About 15 - 20 Minutes 
  • 144 Tiles Come in a Portable Banana Shaped Zip Pouch
  • Includes Six "Wild" Tiles, Regular Game Tiles, and Instructions
  • Available Exclusively Through Target - Shop Online or In Stores
  • Suggested Retail price is $14.99
  • Visit the Wild Tiles Website (www.bananagramsgowild.com)
  • See All of the Banangrams games at www.bananagrams.com
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I have written a lot of posts about Bananagrams products.  These are such great games that are always fun, and require some brain exercise as well.  

I didn't think I could love Bananagrams any more than I already had, then they surprised me.  They added "Wild Tiles" to the game!  This is just what it sounds like.  Six tiles have no letter on them, just a picture of a monkey.  The lucky player who draws a wild tile can use it in the place of any letter.  The only thing I had ever lamented about the original version was that there were no blank tiles because I would always be one letter short for a huge and amazing word!

Meet the cute little monkeys:

The game is available exclusively through the Target website or in the stores.  I found these ones in an end cap display and snapped a photo.

Bananagrams Wild Tiles
Game play is the same as before.  the only difference is that now the wilds will go into the draw pile, or players can divide them evenly among themselves.

If you are not familiar with this word game, here is a brief explanation of how it is played.

Players begin with an equal number of tiles - then they quickly begin to make grids, working simultaneously.

Here is an example of two grids with wild tiles in play. The lucky player on the right has TWO wild tiles!

Players continue to draw or dump tiles as they go along until there is a winner.

It moves quickly.  With three players we average about fifteen minutes a game.  If we have 6 to 8, the game is over in less than ten minutes.  Of course, nobody ever wants to play just one game, so our sessions can often go on for over an hour,

There are so many reasons that this game is a ton of fun.  Mostly because while trying to form the perfect grid, one also has to listen for calls to pick up another tile.  There is also the difficult choice to put a useless tile back in exchange for three more, or keep it and wait until the next time to draw a new one.  Also, at any time, a player might decide to rearrange his entire grid right in the middle of the game.

Of course, as with any game using letter tiles, players can make your own rules and be creative with their games making it even more fun..

When finished, everything stores neatly back into the zip pouch.  I keep the wild tiles in a separate bag so I can decide how we want to use them before the next game.

Bananagrams wild tiles
This super fun and easily portable game is great for parties and family gatherings.  It would also make a great gift.  Keep the Bananagrams family in mind this holiday season!


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