Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food - Adult Dry Cat Food Review (With Giveaway) @ChickenSoupSoul

Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult Cat Food
Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Foods
  • Wet and Dry Food Selections for Cats and Dogs
  • Formulations Available for Pets With Special Needs
  • Made With Multiple Animal Proteins  
  • Also Includes Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Whole Grains
  • Special Ingredients Added for Healthy Skin, Fur, and Digestion
  • Optimal Levels of Vitamins and Minerals
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors Added
  • Natural Preservatives to Maintain Flavor and Freshness
  • Dry Cat Food Available in Five or Fifteen Pound Bags
  • Prices Vary by Product and Retailer
  • Read More About the Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Product Line on the Webpage 
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Can be Found on Facebook and Twitter
I'm usually blogging about products for myself or my sons, but today I want to tell you about what Chicken Soup for the Soul is doing for our fur babies.  They have recently launched a line of pet food products!  There are many varieties for both cats and dogs of all ages.  Some formulas even address special needs like hairballs or weight management.

We have two ordinary adult indoor cats of normal weight so we tried out the simple adult recipe.  When I placed the bag in the kitchen and opened the top it got immediate attention.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult Cat Food
I put out a handful for our little girl, and she wasted no time.  She thoroughly enjoyed every morsel.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult Cat Food
She only knows that it tastes good, but I can feel good knowing that she is getting a blend of turkey, duck, chicken, salmon and egg protein along with, fruits, vegetables, herbs, omega 3 flaxseed, added fiber, and grain.  (complete ingredient lists are available on the website)

A little while later her big brother strolled though.  His taste test also went remarkably well!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult Cat Food
You might also like to know that a portion of the proceeds of CSFTS pet foods go to the Humpty Dumpty Institute.  Another cool fact - instead of paying for pet models, the animals you see on the packaging are shelter pets.  The money that could have been spent for professional pet models was donated to their shelter.

As you can see, two out of two cats give the Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult Cat Food rave reviews.  They definitely want more!  Since the bag is almost empty now, I can find a retail location by using the website's store locator tool or by ordering from online sources.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food
Here is a funny moment that we caught on video.  When the food dish was emptied, we caught this guy going straight to the bag for more!

If you are a pet owner you can visit the website to see the whole array of wet and dry pet food choices.  You will also find advice for pet owners, frequently asked questions, and discussion forums, too.  The bag itself has a good deal of information as well, including how to integrate a new food to your pet without causing digestive upset.

And here is the fun part!  One of you will win a bag of this new pet food!  I have been given the opportunity to offer a bag of dry pet food to one lucky reader.  The winner may choose cat or dog food.

If you would like to try your luck, use the Rafflecopter form below to enter, and be sure to follow the directions.

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Good luck!