Monday, October 27, 2014

#Purex Crystals Aromathreapy Scent Boosters With Essential Oils (#Giveaway!)

Purex Aromatherapy Crystals
Purex Crystals Aromatherapy
  • A New Laundry Product From Purex
  • Arrived in Stores Mid October, 2014
  • Available in Three Scents - "Energy" "Well Being" and "Serenity"
  • Crystals are Made With Citrus and FloralEssential Oils 
  • Enjoy Long Lasting Scent Infusion
  • Visit the Website for More Information and Availability 
  • There is a Purex Facebook Page and Fans can Follow @Purex on Twitter
There are very few people who enjoy doing the laundry - but most of uswho tackle mountains of dirty clothes each week do appreciate little things that make the chore easier.

Purex has been consistent in this department, while managing to keep prices low.  Here is one more Purex product that not only will help us launderers to provide fresh, clean clothes and linens to our families, but will also allow us to spread a little joy while doing so.
Stimulate your life and infuse your laundry with these soothing aromas.
Purex Aromatherapy Crystals
You may have tried other varieties of Purex Crystals, and these are similar.  They are added to the wash to provide a boost of long lasting scent.  The news twist with the Aromatherapy is that these crystals are made with floral or citrus essential oils.  These indulgent blends can lift or calm the moods of some people, and will leave your signature scent on clean items for weeks.

The three available scents are:
  • Well Being is a floral aroma could easily brighten a mood!  Enjoy the sweet scent of fresh blossoming flowers.
  • Energy is eye opening and bright.  I love starting the day by slipping into clothes with a clean citrus aroma.
  • Serenity is made with the calming and gentle scent of water-lilies.
Purex Aromatherapy Crystals
Just add the crystals to any washer as the tub fills.  The handy cap is perfect for measuring and dispensing.  You can control the amount of scent by how much you add to each load.

Purex Aromatherapy Crystals
In addition to providing me with a bottle of Energy crystals to try, Purex has also given me some Free product coupons.  I would love to share them with one of my readers!  I am offering two of these as a giveaway for you.

Please, be aware that the expiration date is 11/30/14 so the winner should make plans to use them quickly.  If you would like to try your luck, please use the Rafflecopter form below.
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Good Luck!