Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tamagotchi Digital Friends are Back With a New Online Interactive Option @TamagotchiFrnds

Tamagatchi Friends CharactersTamagotchi Digital Friends
  • Raise Your Friend From Egg to Adult
  • Optional Online Interaction Available 
  • Visit Other Tamagotchi Friends for Playdates
  • You Might Also Send Text Messages or Exchange Gifts
  • This Release Includes New Characters and Five Games
  • "Bump" Two Friends and Share Jewelry
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries (Not Included - Requires a Screwdriver)
  • Available at Toys R Us and Toys R Us Online
  • Suggested Retail Price is $19.99
  • Ideal for Children Ages 6-10
  • Visit the Tamagotchi Friends Website (USA)
  • Connect on Facebook, or Twitter, (@TamagotchiFrnds)
  • There is Also a Tamagotchi YouTube channel and Instagram Account
The Tamagotchis are back, and this time there are new digital friends to raise and interact with.  You can use all of those links I provided above to join the fun.  The website is fun and interactive and you can get started watching videos, playing games, keeping up with the news, and interacting on social media with fans until you get your own Tamagotchi.

Once you have a digital friend, you can enter "Dream Town" and have the full interactive experience.

For children who do not have online privileges, there is still a ton of fun to be had with their new digital friend.  These Tamagotchis are raised from hatchling to adult, and there is a lot of fun to have along the way,  Adult Friends can be stored in memory while I grow a new egg, and memory is saved even if the batteries die.  There is also an option to reset the game.

Each friend will develop differently according to the care it receives.  The owner is responsible for feeding, potty training, and giving medicine when needed.  There is also fun to be had.  Play games, shop, and interact with other Tamagotchis by "bumping them.  The games are not too difficult, but it did take me a few tries to figure them out.

There are several designs to choose from, as you can see below.  The digital display is easy to read, and black and white.

Tamagatchi Digital Friends
I have been playing with the Sweet Polka Dot version.  It has a pretty pink egg shaped case with a cute black and white polka dot cover.  The pretty pink bow and logo are on top, the digital display is in the middle, and there are three buttons used for the interactive features below the display.

Tamagatchi Device
This is a fun toy for children.  They are able to play with and nurture their own friend and there is an ability to be social as well.  The Tamagotchis combine a lot of fun play elements for children in the 6 - 10 age group, and the fun multiplies when there are more Tamagotchis around to bump and interact with.  The online element can add another dimension, but it is also completely optional

Setting up the toy to play can take a little time.  Use a small phillips head screwdriver to put in two triple a batteries,  Then set the date, time, and username manually.  If this is a Christmas gift for a little one you may want to set this up beforehand.

For super fans - there are also figurines and playsets available - Also at Toys R Us.

I am having lot of fun with my new toy, and think it would make a great Holiday gift.