Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Inner Strength (With Giveaway) #ChickenSoupSoul

Chicken Soup - Find Your Inner Strength
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Inner Strength
  • 101 Reader Submitted Stories Edited by Amy Newmark
  • Foreword by Fran Drescher
  • Released by Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing 10/28/14)
  • English Language - More Than 400 Pages - In Paperback or eBook Editions
  • Available From Amazon and Prime Eligible 
  • Also Available From Barnes and Noble and Other Popular Booksellers
  • Publisher's Suggested Price - $14.95 (Varies by Retailer)
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Life does not always go the way we had hoped.  When we find ourselves in a difficult spot we have to choose courage or despair.  Sometimes it is easier to take the courageous path when we have role models, or know of others who have faced a similar situation.   

This Chicken Soup for the Soul book is a wonderful compilation of one hundred and one stories about people who have faced health challenges and disabilities, staggering personal losses, and difficult life circumstances that seemed insurmountable.  The things is, these storytellers each have found their inner strength and have generously shared their experiences.  We are also treated to a foreword by cancer survivor Fran Drescher and an introduction by Amy Newmark.

The heart of the book is divided into ten chapters as follows:
  1. Overcoming Self Destructive Behavior
  2. Accepting What Makes You Different
  3. Fighting Health Challenges
  4. Powering Through Loss
  5. Moving Past Disabilities
  6. Accepting New Normal
  7. Learning to Reach Out
  8. Rising to the Challenge
  9. Pursuing Your Dreams
  10. Taking Back Your Life
If you are a regular reader you know that the publishers are always very generous.  Again, they have given me permission to give one copy of the paperback book.  If you are interested please use the form below to submit your entries.

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