Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gravity Maze by @Thinkfun is a Great Holiday Gift for Older Kids #HolidayGift

Gravity Maze by Thinkfun
Gravity Maze by Thinkfun
  • A Single Player Game for Ages 8 and Up
  • Small Marbles, Keep Away From Young Children
  • Configure Maze Pieces to Solve Sixty Challenges
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Challenges
  • Properly Formed Mazes Direct a Marble From the Assigned Start to Finish
  • Requires and Builds Planing and Reasoning Skills
  • Available for Purchase From the Thinkfun Website or Amazon for $29.99
  • Includes 1 Game Grid, 60 Challenge Cards, 9 Towers, 1 Target Piece, 3 Marbles and Instructions
  • Check Out More ThinkFun Games at www.thinkfun,com
  • Thinkfun is Also on Facebook, on Twitter, (@ThinkFun) and YouTube
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Here is a game that is fun but also uses critical thinking skills.  It is called Gravity maze and the ThinkFun company makes it.  The object of the game is to get a little silver marble from the appointed start area into the red target piece.

Each challenge begins with a card.  The card gives a few clues about how to start and then which additional pieces will be required to complete the maze.  The player then has to use visual plannin and reasoning to fit the rest into the proper places.

Here is a video that shows the cards and the pieces.  It also gives a great demo of how the game works.  Make a note to look at the dots on the side of the tower pieces.

Those dots tell the user in which direction the maze tower pieces should be placed to begin.  look below and see the box contents and the challenge cards.

Cards 1-16 are Beginner, 17-30 are Intermediate, 31-45 are Advanced, and 46-60 are Expert Level.

Now let's see a Challenge played out.  The card shows where and how to place the yellow tower and where the red target goes.  We also see that one purple and one gray will be needed to complete the challenge.
This one was easy to solve, but they do get progressively more difficult.If you are truly stumped,turn the card over, Th correct placement is shown as well as the path that the marble will take.

Here is one that is Advanced.  That yellow signals that it is a tower that shares the space with a gray and another yellow.  We also see where a green piece and the target will go.  It also shows on the card's bottom that it will require two purple but one of them will lie on its side.  A blue, a green, and a yellow are also required to complete the maze.

We began with the information given, then after a bit of trial and error we have a working solution.

Again, the back of the card shows the proper placement if the puzzle solver gets stuck.

If you make it through all sixty challenges, you can start over, or use your own ingenuity to build you own designs!

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