Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Need Some Great Gift Ideas? Check Out Yomega YoYos and Kendama Pro @YomegaCorp

YoMega YoMan YoYos and Kendama Pro
  • Hours of entertainment without electronics.
  • Great for focus and eye hand coordination.
  • A great choice for older children, best for ages 8 and up.
  • Available from the Yomega Store.
  • YoMen YoYos and Kendama Toys are $19.95.
  • Buy from the YoMega Store on the yomega.com website.
  • The store also carries a variety of other yo-yo and kendama toys.
  • The website and social media accounts will help with tips and tricks.
  • Like Yomega on Facebook, and follow on Twitter (@YomegaCorp)
I know a lot of parents are like me.  We want to find fun things for our kids that won't have them enslaved to electronic devices.  This year you might want to pick up some Yomega toys.

Yomega makes great yo-yos for everyone.  There are beginner styles that are impossible to flub, ones for experts who can perform tricks and everything in between.

They also make Kendama toys.  If you are not familiar with these, Kendama toys look like a hammer with a spike on top, a large cup on one side and a smaller cup on the other.  The base of the handle also has a concave area.  From the handle, there is a long string with a ball attached to it.  The idea is to swing the ball and catch it in the cups.  After catching skills are developed, the user can learn to juggle, and even turn the toy so that they hold the ball and catch the handle.

Here are some shots of the Yomega YoMan Fireball Yo-yo with a Yoda base to hold it and the Kendama Pro toy.

The Yo-Men are fireball model yo-yos with a Star Wars licensed character on one side and a Star Wars logo on the other.  When the intermediate level toy is not in use it sits on a base like this.

YoMega Yoda YoMan
I just love this!  Even when it is not being used for tricks, this is a cool looking toy and a great conversation piece.  It is a perfect gift for a Star Wars fan and looks great in a tween's room or in an office.  It even comes with a replacement string.

Choose Yoda, General Grievous, Darth Vader or a Clone Trooper.  (see the top picture in the photo collage below this text.)  If you are an enthusiast and would like specs, the width is 34.9mm, there isa 2.5 mm gap, and the diameter is 50.4 mm.  The yo-yo portion is 52 grams.  A starburst return system is employed.

Yomega yo-yos
The yoyos depicted on the bottom of the collage are called "string bling" and come with the character rings you see in the photo.  The rings help to protect fingers, but even more important, they are pretty cool looking.  these are the same Fireball model of yo-yo and come with a choice of Yoda, Boba Fett, Darth Vader or a Clone Trooper.

Now let me tell you about the Kendama toys.  These are so much fun.  If my description in the opening paragraph was a little confusing, let this photo make up for that.  It is definitely easier than typing a thousand words!

YoMega Kendama Pro
They come in quite a few colors, and they are made from wood.  Again, these are best for ages eight and older.  They require a little coordination and younger children might hurt themselves.

Boy One took to his right away!  I took this video of him playing because I couldn't believe how quickly he was able to start catching the ball.  You can hear my disbelief - and he has only gotten better over the past couple of days!  Check him out.

It shouldn't be long before he is able to do this, right?

We are having a blast with our YoMen and Kendama toys.  You can pick these up in the toy section of many stores, from the Yomega website, and other online retail sites, like Amazon.  

The Yomega website is your best source for a wide variety - including three packs of yoyos and other versions of the Kendama.  While you shop, don't forget the free shipping in the continental US on orders over $25.