Monday, December 22, 2014

#Orbeez Spa Products – Fun #HolidayGift Ideas for Young Girls

The Orbeez Luxury Spa Products
  • Young Ladies Can Relax and Enjoy The Sensory Sensation of Orbeez Beads
  • Simialr to Grown Up Spa Items With a Fun and Colorful Touch
  • Beads are Non-Toxic and Water Based, best for Ages 5 and Up
  • Orbeez Beads Can be Removed and Saved in Ziploc Bags or Closed Containers
  • Available in Mass Retail Stores and Online
  • Suggested Price Range From $9.99 - $49.99
  • Many Other Orbeez Items are Available - Visit
  • Vist the Orbeez Page on Facebook and Check Out the YouTube Channel 

Do you know what Orbeez are?  They are small ater filled beads.  They come in tiny packets and are only about the size of a sesame seed when they come out, bu then they grow in water.

OrbeezBeforeAndAfter.jpgThe first time we got to play with Orbeez, I couldn't help but notice what a fantastic sensory tool they were.  I had my sons who have Asperger syndrome and sensory issues put their hand into a bowl of them, and I knew immediately that I had a new therapy item.  It makes total sense that they would come out with a line of "spa" products.

This Luxury Spa foot bath gets filled with Orbeez and both heat and massage can be added.  There are also LED lights to make the experience fun.  There is also a straining mechanism to help preserve Orbeez.

The unit comes with the Luxury Spa unit, 2,220 Orbeez beads, and an activity booklet. (Batteries not included)  Follow the link I provided to see more and watch the videos.

OrbeezSpaProducts.jpgAnother product available is the Inflatable Body Spa chair.

I actually have one of these, and I can fit my 5'2" frame into fairly easily, so yoru tweens will fit, too. the chair is a little slice of Orbeez fantasy come true.  If you have ever wanted to sink into a bunch or Orbeez, this is your chance.  It is an inflatable chair, and it has a wand that fits into a sleeve on the chair back which will also create a massage effect.  (3AA Batteries required) There are also hand pouches that can be filled with Orbeez, too.  Teh best part is that it doesn't have to be used with the Orbeez, so once it is inflated it can be kept out and used every day.  Comes with the char, 6,000 Orbeez, the massage unit, 3 repair patches, and an activity and instruction booklet.

Here is my chair, sans Orbeez:

Orbeez Spa chair
You can see how big and roomy it is.  You will also see the pocket for the vibration want and I stuck a remote in one of the hand openings so you can see it clearly.

The other items you see in the collage photo are the hand spa, the neck cushion, and the eye mask.  Details for all and the retail locations can be found on the Orbeez web site.

Many stores offer online shopping with in store pick up, so there is still time to get these clever Orbeez products under the tree!

Relaxing holiday wishes,