Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Legend of Korra Book Two: Spirits on BluRay Available From the #NickShop

Legend of Korra Book 2
The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits
  • Available in Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Format
  • Animated, English Language, English Subtitles and Spanish Dubbing Offered
  • Two Disc bluRay Edition Includes Over Five Hours of Bonus Content
  • Not Rated - Family Friendly - Originally Aired on Nickelodeon
  • Released by Paramount Studios - July 1st, 2014
  • About 360 Minutes Run Time
  • BluRay Available From the Nick Store for $39.99 $20.98
The Legend of Korra is an animated series which airs on Nickelodeon television.  It is about a young girl who has the ability to "bend" water, fire, earth, and air.  She is "The Avatar".

The series is a sequel to the Avitar: The Last Airbender.  The story takes place seventy years later, in a time after Aang.  Just as former Avatars were protectors of this world, Korra has to do the same.  The dark and light spirits are battling for the world and Korra needs to learn more about the history of the Avatar in order to restore the balance and harmony.

This second season flows a bit better than the first and there are more lighthearted moments, too. 

As I mentioned in the bullet points, there is extensive bonus content included with the BluRay discs which makes this version the best choice for the true Korra fan.  the currently reduced price makes it an affordable choice and a great idea for a holiday gift.