Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Myotone 2.0 Facial Toning System - Smoother, Younger Skin Without Surgery @MyoTechnologies

myotone system
The Myotone 2.0 Facial Toning System
  • Non Invasive Skin Rejuvination for the Skin on the Face and Neck
  • Uses Three Levels of Microcurrent Impulses Delivered Through Dual Electrode Tips
  • Light, Comfortable to Hold, and Easy to Use
  • Restore Muscle Tone, Hydration, and Circulation
  • Includes Device, Charging Cable, Carry Bag, User Manual,and DVD Instructions
  • Elite System Includes Conductive Gel and Peptide Serum
  • Replacement Gels and Serums Available for Purchase
  • Find All the FAQ's and Purchase Information at
  • The Elite System Pictured Here is Currently Being Sold for $289 ($50 Savings!)
  • Connect With Myotone on Facebook, or on Twitter, (@MyoTechnologies) 
I have written before about how seriously I take my skin care.  I have been blessed with fairly good genes in this area, and thankfully, although I am nearly 50, my skin still looks rather young.  However, I feel my luck starting to run out.  I put this extremely unflattering close up of myself  below to show my two problem areas. (I apologize for the graininess, that happens every time I turn the iPhone around and use the selfie camera)


You can definitely see the issues around my mouth and chin.  If you zoom in on the other side, you can also see a few lines some looseness creeping in around my eyes, especially in the corner.  There are also some areas on my forehead, most specifically the area above the bridge of my nose.

I have been using the Myotone for almost two weeks – and you can already see a difference!

There is still some work to do around the mouth and chin, and my thinking lines on my forehead, but it really has made a difference.

There are some before and after shots on the website that are much more dramatic, so you can go and take a look at them right now using the link I placed in the bullet points.

That is probably one of the most appealing things about the Myotone system.  I could begin using it now before I became very wrinkled.  It is non invasive, pain free, and I didn't have to wait until I needed dramatic intervention to use it. 

By starting treatments now, I will safely and effectively start rewinding the aging process right in my own home.

Here are the things that I need to perform a treatment with my Myotone 2.0 elite system.

myotone and gelsIn the middle is the Myotone® Home Toning Device.  It also came with a  6 oz pump bottle of conductive gel and a peptide serum.

Not pictured are the charger,  a branded carrying case, an instructional DVD, and the user manual.

The system itself is easy to use.  Simply charge the unit, remove it from the cord, apply conductive gel to a clean face, and swipe the device  across the skin as directed.  it is not painful, but I do occasionally feel a tingling sensation.  There are three delivery strength options so everyone can find a comfortable setting.

There are illustrated instructions in the user's manual, and here is a video explanation of how to use the Myotone.

It is recommended that the new user begin with 5-7 treatments each week, for the first 5 weeks, then 3 times a week for three weeks, and after that a booster treatment can be done once a week, or as needed.
I was so escited when my unit arrived.  It came in this beautifully wrapped box.
I opened the lid and began unpacking its contents.  You can see all of the items in the lower left corner.  Finally, it all packs away nicely in the water resistant bag.

I will mention, only because I know some of my readers are a part of spectrum families and have highly sensitive noses like I do.  The bag gives off a bit of a smell when it just comes out of the package.  I opened it up, set it outdoors in the fresh air for a few hours and brought it back inside and it was fine.  The gel and serum are both barely scented - rather neutral - and perfect for those of us with sensory issues.

Why not give yourself the gift of youthful glowing skin this year?