Friday, December 19, 2014

The #Ozeri 3X Tower Fan With Passive Noise Reduction Technology

Ozeri tower fan 01
The Ozeri 3X Tower Fan
  • Slim and Sleek Tower Unit With 3 Fans and 9 Levels of Cooling
  • Canted Blades in Fans Reduce Blade Noise and Promote Soothing Airflow Sounds
  • 44 Inches Tall and Less Than Three Inches Thick
  • Easy Assembly - Simply Attach to the Reinforced Glass Based Stand
  • Includes a 90 Degree Oscillation Option and a Built in Timer
  • Use the Touch Sensitive LED Control Panel or the Long Range Remote
  • May be Programmed in 30 Minute Increments
  • Features 3 Preprogrammed Airflow Patterns 
  • Patterns Help to Facilitate Sleep, induce Relaxation and Maximize Comfort
  • Available for Purchase from Amazon for $129.95  $99.95 (Prime Eligible)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed and The Fan Comes With a One Year Warranty 
For years I have had to sleep with a fan by my bed.  It began when I was a night shift worker and I had to drown out daytime sounds.  Then when I was diagnosed with lupus I began to experience terrible night sweats.  Now, as a somewhat older woman, I have become acquainted with the "hot flash" so I appreciate my fans even more.

This beautiful fan by Ozeri is by far the best I have ever owned.  It is not only beautiful to look at, it has many useful functions, too.

This video is less than a minute long, but it will cover the important points.

I was afraid it might be too quiet when I first turned it on, but it actually works better at reducing unwanted noise because I don't hear any of the blade rattles or vibrations of my usual generic bedside fans.

I have the option to use this LED touch screen to program the speed, (low, medium, or high) the mode (normal, nature, or sleep) and if desired, a timer for .5 to 7.5 hours.  There is also a small remote control unit so I can control the power or change the settings or without getting up.  The screen has an auto dimming feature to promote rest and reduce energy use.

Ozeri tower fan 02
The unit comes in a large box and is well protected by the packing material.

When I opened it up I found the instruction book, the fan, the base, and a large plastic nut.  there was also a bag with the remote and its battery.

All I had to do was place the  pole stand through the base and screw the nut on. It is important to make sure that part is tight and secure so that the fan will not shake or make noise.

I also had to place the button battery into the remote unit.  That was all.  The fan itself does not weigh very much, so I can bring it into another room if the rest of the family is cold and I am having a hot day.

I am so happy with this fan that I don't think I could ever go back to the old fan I was using before.  I would definitely want to replace this one.

If you think this would be a great gift, it is also eligible for amazon Prime, so it could be to your door before Christmas!