Sunday, December 21, 2014

The #truMedic Deluxe Tens Unit – Pain Relief Without Medication @truMedicMassage

The truMedic Deluxe Tens Unit
 The truMedic Deluxe Tens Unit
  • TENS = Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  • Impulses Block Pain Message to the Brain
  • Choose Stim or Massage Alone or with Heat
  • One or Two Channel Delivery 
  • Available Without a Doctor's Prescription
  • Easy to Program Plain English Push Button Controls
  • Back Lit LCD Display Shows How Unit is Working
  • Adjust Intensity With the Push of a Button
  • Lightweight, Slim, and Comes With a Carrying Case
  • Buy Yours today from Amazon (Prime Eligible) $299.97 $139.97  (Prime Eligible)
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I have been living with chronic pain for many years.  About seven years ago my doctor prescribed a TENS unit to help me manage some of the aches and pains that  ideal with on a daily basis.  TENS stands for Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  The device sends low doses of electricity through the wires to a patch that is placed on the skin.  The patch has a conductive gel on the sticky side and this delivers the electrical impulse to the problem area.  The process disrupts the nerve signals that tell the brain about the pain a patient is experiencing.  This can help reduce pain and relax the muscles.

This deluxe unit is so light and only about the size of a remote control.  It has two channels which allow the patient to control the amount of the stimulation, or even to share the unit with another person.  There is a USB charging cord which will will plug into a computer or the (included) wall plug.

The buttons are easy to read and in plain English which is a big improvement over some of my old TENS units.  This has no medical terminology to confuse the user.  The LCD display is also easy to read.  It shows the level of intensity, the treatment mode, the timer, and how much battery is left.

The truMedic Deluxe Tens Unit
The lead wires fit easily into the A and B ports and the ends of each wire slip securely into the wires for the electrode pads.  These pads have conductive gel on the sticky side.  It helps the gel to last if you clean the area where you plan to place the pads first and don't touch the sticky side with your fingers.

Be sure to order replacement pads so that when the gel is no longer conducting well it is time to change the pads.

When not in use, the unit can be stored in this zip up carrying case.  It comes as an accessory and is about the size of an iPad mini.

The truMedic Deluxe Tens UnitI have used several TENS units over the years, and this is my favorite to date.  It might be a little bit unconventional - but it could make a great gift if somebody you love has chronic or acute pain.  With Amazon Prime it could make it to your door in time for Christmas.