Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Top Trumps A Fun and Educational Stocking Stuffer Idea - @TopTrumps #HolidayGift

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Top Trumps is a fun and faced paced card game that has been enormously popular in the U.K. since the 1970s.  More recently, the game has been catching on here in North America.

The game is super easy to play, and while kowledge and trivia are not necessary to win a hand, players will be reading information on the crads and gleaning the contents as a result of continued play.  The idea is really quite smart, and you will probably see why as I describe the game play.

First, you will need to choose your topic.  There are packs with educational themes as well as pop culture topics.  There are cards for younger kids, like Baby Animals or Bugs - but teens and adults will find that a Dr. Who or a Star Wars pack is entertaining.  There are even cards for One Direction Fans.

Once you open the pack you will find that the cards are all the same on the topic side, but on the information side there is a wealth of information.  You can see these cards about bugs show us a color photo, a size chart, and a blurb of trivia.  Each card will also have categories.  For bugs these are Lifespan, Rarity, Mobility, Gross Out, and Danger.

The cards are shuffled and dealt out among the players.  Once the cards are dealt, the player will hold his pile in his hand, face up, viewing only the top card. The player to the left of the dealer will begin by choosing a category on the card and whomever is the player who has the highest score in that category will take all of the top cards from the other players' hands.  If there is a tie - the cards go into the middle and the same player chooses the category again.  The winner then takes the cards from both rounds.  Whichever player has all of the cards at the end of a game, wins.

Here is a closer look at two cards.

If a hand was played between two players holding these cards the tarantula would  win every category, except gross out - which would be a tie.

The best part is, that the players are looking at the cards and even if they are not trying, they are learning.  It could be educational, like US presidents, or Volcanoes - or it might be trivia if the topic is pop culture related, but the kids are reading, and absorbing the information.

I read this on the website:
Top Trumps has been a best-selling game in England since the 1970s, with over 80 million packs sold in the last 10 years alone. Part of the game’s success has been through its role in education, with Top Trumps forming a part of teacher learning plans throughout the UK. 
In 2011 the National Children’s Bureau in England carried out research into the role of Top Trumps in education. It found that Top Trumps improves children’s literacy and numeracy skills, while also enabling them to practice their decision making abilities.
It goes on to link to the article which reports the findings.

The game is fun and the winning tends to spread out evenly which is always a good thing!

If you are looking for a fun stocking stuffer idea, you should definitely check out Top Trumps website - and don't forget that al lmonth there will be free shipping on the cards in stock.