Monday, December 22, 2014

#Xploderz Firestorm Series - Mayhem A Great Shooting Toy by #TheMayaGroup

Xploderz Mayhem
The Xploderz Firestorm Mayhem
  • Large Automatic Style Gun Toy
  • Grow Your Own Ammo With Pellets and Water
  • Pellets are Soft and Will Not Cause Injuries
  • Ammo Will Dissolve, No Clean Up Required
  • Fill One or More Clips or Use as a Prop gun
  • Rotating Three Barrel Shooting Action
  • Mulit-shot Mechanism Can Fire Up to 100ft and 12 Rounds a Minute
  • Ideal for Ages 8 and Older Due to Size
  • Suggested Price - $39.99 But This Will Vary by Retailer
  • Available From Amazon, (Prime Eligible) Target, Toys R Us, and K-Mart
  • Learn More From the Xploderz Website
  • Product Specific Page can be Found Here: Firestorm Mayhem
Xploderz Mayhem BoxIf your kids like shooting toys, this is one that is a lot of fun.  It shoots soft pellets that are grown in water.  The ammo chambers are filled with these and clipped onto the gun.  If a long battle looms on the horizon, extra ammunition is available in several different sized packs.

The best part is that even when we aren't shooting pellets, the toys are fun for prop play.  This one has a rather impressive size, and a handle to hold on the top.  This helps provide stability while the shooter turns the handle and lets the ammo fly.

The rotating guns can shoot as far as one hundred feet.  When it runs smoothly, one hundred twenty rounds can be discharged each minute.  The Mayhem comes with the Blaster, and an Xploderz Ammo Clip which holds 250 soft pellets.  You will also receive 2000 more Xploderz Ammo Refills.
In addition to the Ammo Clip which comes with ready to fire rounds inside there is a "depot" which holds another 250 rounds for quickly reloading.

The key to Xploderz gun play is to go a little bit easy on them and not jam the shooting mechanism.  because of this and the weight and size, it is best suited for children ages eight and older.

We have not had a lot of time to play with this one, but my fourteen year old sons cannot wait for it to warm up so they can get outside and shoot the beads at each other.  They have several Xploderz toys and they always have a lot of fun with them, especially when friends come over.

Visit the website which I have linked in the bullet points to learn more.  The stores where the Mayhem are sold all offer website shopping and in store pick up if the item is available, and Amazon offers this as a Prime item.  For most of us, there is time to get one under the tree by Christmas.