Sunday, December 14, 2014

YOXO Toys - Build From Scratch! Eco Friendly, Creative, and Imignative Fun @yoxo_toys

YOXO Robot
YOXO Toys - Build From Scratch!

  • Eco-Friendly Building Kits Made From Recycled Wood Pulp and Soy Based LithoLabeling
  • X,Y, and O Shaped Pieces Fit With Tubes and Flexible Cardboard
  • Build a Design Based on the Kit Instructions or Create Your Own
  • Compatible With Household Items (Paper Product Tubes and Thin Cardboard Boxes)
  • Made and Packaged in the United States 
  • For Ages 6 and Up
  • Learn About the Company and Shop the Webstore by Visiting
  • Kits Range in Size and Price From $14.99 - $59.99
  • $6.99 Flat Rate Ground Shipping and Free Ground Shipping for Orders over $75
  • An Educator Discount is Available
  • Find YOXO on Facebook and Twitter (@yoxo_toys)
YOXO is a different type of building toy.  While the building pieces are sold in kits that can be made into specific models, the greater purpose is to make imagination based projects.

In this short video you will see the company's vision for YOXO.

As you could see from the video, the best part about the kits is that they are compatible with household items like paper towel tubes or thin cardboard box material.  This time of year there will also be wrapping paper tubes to make tall models!

We were sent some kits to try and we found that the pieces were easy to work with.  None were terribly small and rather than snapping together, they slide onto one another.  Even children with fine motor delays can use them.  As you work with the pieces, you will notice that some slots are longer than others so this can help vary your building patterns.  

The "O" shapes are great for stabilizing tubes while the "X", "Y", and small discs are the bones of the models.

The video showed how to create using your imagination, here you can see where we built the robot kit.  This comes with 34 YOXO Pieces, some tubes, eye stickers, links, and curves.  The suggested Price for the kit is $19.99.

The boxes are built nicely so that the pieces go back in neatly and can store on a shelf easily,  As the mother, I like this feature almost as much as the kit itself!

Below are some of the other kits available.  The Mega Kit has longer tubes so it has a slightly higher flat rate shipping amount due to the large triangular shaped box.

The YOXO to go is a slightly smaller kit that transports easily and is great for a waiting room activity.

YOXO Building Toys
There is still time to get YOXO under the tree this year.  If you are looking for something slightly different, ecologically sustainable, and completely unplugged, YOXO would be a great fit.