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@ChickenSoupSoul - The Power of Forgiveness (A Book Review With Giveaway)

The Power of Forgiveness
Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Forgiveness
  • A New Chicken Soup Book With 101 Reader Submitted Stories
  • Released by Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing December 16th, 2014
  • Compiled and Edited by Amy Newmark and Actor Anthony Anderson
  • English Language - 397 Pages - Available In Paperback or eBook Format
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It is always difficult when people hurt us, especially if it is a friend or a family member.  Unfortunately, some of life's greatest disappointments come from the ones we love the most.  As difficult as it is to admit when we are wrong, it can often be even harder to forgive the ones who have hurt us.

The paradox is, that when we withhold forgiveness, we are causing more harm to ourselves than to the person we are bearing the grudge against.  Holding on too long it can harden and change a person, and there is a ripple effect.  Life without faith in others or the ability to trust leads to shutting people out  Rehashing past hurts will only keep the wounds fresh and unable to heal.  The saddest part of all is that often times a person is holding a grudge against a person who has moved on.  they may not even be aware of the feelings being held toward them.
    There is a freedom in forgiving.  People often say it is like weight being lifted off of their back because they truly feel lighter. 

    Then there are the saddest cases of all.  These are the people who have made a mistake in their lives and they cannot forgive themselves.  The book has stories about that, too.  

    The 100 of the stories are broken in to nine chapters as follows:
    1. Lessons on Forgiving Fathers
    2. Forgiveness Between Mothers and Children
    3. Learning to Live With Family Through Marriage
    4. Patching Up Rifts With Siblings
    5. When Bad Things Happen in Love and Marriage
    6. Forgiving Friends and Colleagues
    7. Lessons From the People You Meet
    8. When a Crime Has Been Committed
    9. The Importance of Self Forgiveness
    The book begins with an Introduction and ends with A Poem That Says it All.  

    After the "Meet the Authors" pages, Author Bios and Chicken Soup for the Soul Information, there are two bonus stories that you will not want to miss.  

    I couldn't help but notice how many stories are about family, and life is just way too short for that!

    Fans might also be interested to know that co-author Anthony Anderson (of Law and Order and other big and small screen accomplishments) contributes the first story.  

    You can pick up your copy from your favorite online bookseller or in stores, and one lucky reader will also win a copy of their own!  I have been given the opportunity to offer one paperback copy of this great book as a giveaway item.  If you would like to try your luck, here is the form.  (Open to US residents 18 and older.)

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    Good Luck!