Saturday, January 31, 2015

The @SalsaCrazy 3 DVD Beginning Salsa Dance System #SalsaDancing

Learn to Dance Salsa With SalsaCrazy DVDs
  • Start With This Beginner 3 Pack  and Work Your Way Up
  • Each DVD Has Over 2 Hours of Instructional Videos
  • Learn to Salsa One Step at a Time  
  • Helpful Picture in Picture Lessons Show a View of the Feet in the Corner
  • Lessons Include Tips, Patterns, and Variations 
  • Learn at a Relaxed Pace in the Comfort of Your Own Home
  • No Experience Necessary, Just Hit Play and Begin
  • Intermediate and Advanced DVDs Are Also Available
  • Learn More by Visiting Salsa Crazy on the Web
  • In Addition to Salsa There are Many Other DVD Dance Classes Available
  • Purchase This Three DVD Set From Amazon
  • List Price $97 - Amazon Price $34.95 - (Eligible for Prime)
  • Find DanceCrazy/SalsaCrazy on Facebook and on Twitter (@SalsaCrazy)
In early December I shared a fun review of Ballroom Dance classes on DVDs.  I had a lot of fun using the system, and managed to learn a decent foxtrot, waltz, rumba, and even a little swing dancing.  At the time, I also mentioned that the company has a whole host of other programs, and that their specialty is Salsa Dancing. When I was offered the chance to try the beginner salsa lessons I jumped at it.

Just like the previous set, the SalsaCrazy salsa lessons are so easy to follow!  Each lesson is broken down step by step and the pace is very relaxed.  Another benefit to learning by DVD is that I can replay a section until I feel comfortable with the moves.  The close up shots of the moves and the helpful picture in picture sequences really help.  

Here is the company owner talking about the lessons:

As he mentions, there are five DVDs in this particular series.  There are a variety of ways to purchase them, but the most economical way for a beginner to start right now is with this three DVD set.  These three discs will take the viewer from two left feet to a place where one could definitely hold their own on a dance floor.

Salsa Crazy - Salsa Lessons for Beginners 03
Once this set is mastered, there are more challenging lessons available as well as a "salsa bootcamp" and a disc of lessons to add fancy footwork.  The entire collection of lesson systems is linked in the bullet points.

I find the salsa dancing to be a fun way to get some exercise.  It isn't too hard on my aching joints either.  Even if you think you are a terrible dancer, you could probably learn to salsa using these DVDs.