Monday, February 9, 2015

@InsideSmarts Premium Delicates #Laundry Bags - Set of Four

Inside Smarts Premium Delicates Laundry Bags
A Set of Four Premium Wash bags for Delicate Laundry - From the Inside Smarts Company
  • Protect Your Delicate Laundry Items From Stretching or Snagging
  • Includes Two Medium (about 11x14) and Two large (about 15.5 x 18) Bags
  • Elastic Zipper Guards Reduce Noise and Keep Bags Closed
  • Great for Lingerie, Hosiery, and Delicate Fabrics
  • Three White Bags and One Black Bag (For Dark Items)
  • Smart Mesh Design Can be Used in Washer and Dryer
  • Zippers are Durable and Rust Proof
  • Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and One year Construction Guarantee
  • A Prime Eligible Item Available From Amazon for $29.95 $15.95
I still have an old fashioned top loading washer with a center agitator.  It may not be stylish, but I could not stand the smell of the front loader, and with a pair of fourteen year old boys I need a heavy duty machine to get out dirt and smells.  The top loader works great on their sports uniforms and jeans.  Unfortunately, it is a bit rough on my more delicate items.  I don't know if you have ever seen an elastic strap that got tangled around an agitator during a spin cycle, but it is not pretty.  this is why every woman should have a set of wash bags for her delicate laundry items.

These bags from Insides Smarts are durable and strong with a sturdy rustproof zipper.  The Zipper tabe folds back under an elastic guard to reduce noise and to keep the bag securely closed.  (middle photo on the right side)

InsideSmartsWashBags.jpgThis came in a set of four bags.  Two are a medium sized.  These fit a few items, but I was careful not to stuff the bag because over-stuffing will prevent the items from being cleaned well.  There are also two large bags which work well for a load with more delicate items or a larger piece, like a sweater.  I have also used these bags for plush toys that need washing.

The bags come with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee as well as a one year construction guarantee.  Just be sure to register your purchase when it arrives to qualify.  The instructions are found on the package insert along with information about their monthly giveaway contest, some product videos, and social media link addresses.

Treat your delicate laundry to these bags and they should last longer, which will save you money.  i really like my set and they have been holding up great.