Thursday, February 12, 2015

+LIFEGUARD MINI 1 Portable Charger - Includes Charging Cables #pluslifeguard

PlusLifeguardExternalCharger 4
+Lifeguard Mini 1 Portable Charging Bank 
  • Attractive Exterior Houses a Reliable Samsung 3000mAh Grade A Cell Battery
  • Provides About One and a Half Full Phone Charges
  • Small Size and Lightweight - Only Slightly Larger Than a Lipstick
  • Fits in a Pocket and Won't Weigh Down a Purse or Back Pack
  • Choose Black, Silver, or Pink
  • Includes a Charging Cable and an Apple Certified Lightning Cable
  • LED Light Indicates Charging Status
  • 18 Month Money -Back Guarantee
  • Works With all USB Charged Devices Including Cell Phones, MP3 and MP4 Players 
  • Also Works With Digital Cameras With DC 5V inp
  • Available From Amazon and Eligible for Prime List Price:$60.00 Sale Price: $23.97
We are a house full of geeks.  We love our electronics.  Between our phones, tablets, readers, music players, bluetooth devices, cameras, my husband's recording equipment, and a host of other devices somebody always needs a charge.

Just about every room of the house has a USB charger plugged into a wall, but nobody wants to be tethered, so we have a bunch of external chargers as well.  These are great, except the kids love to steal them and not boot them back up when they have drained them.  That's why when I had the chance to try a +Lifeguard Mini Portable charger, I was psyched to get a hot pink one.

+Lifeguard Mini 1
They come in three colors, black, silver, or pink, but for me the pink is fantastic.  It's all mine, for starters, but it is also super easy to see inside my black handbag, and it looks pretty when I use it to give my phone a boost.

Of course, the charger boasts more than good looks.  I get at least one and a half charges out of it, even in this frigid weather.  It is also very light and easy to carry.  The jump cable is Apple Certified, so it works with the latest iOS updates, too.

The ports are located on the end of the unit, and there is LED light to indicate the charging status. One port is to recieve the charge, the other is a standard USB where you can plug in any charging cable.  In addition to the lightning cable, a USB charging cable for the Mini is also included.  This one has a universal end which works in a few of my Bluetooth devices.

I have been using this about a month and it is holding up well under normal usage circumstances.  I am very happy with my +Lifeguard Mini 1 Portable charger!