Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The AYL 300 Lumens StarLight Lantern - #brightestLEDlantern

AYL 300 Lumens Lantern
AYL StarLight - 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Lantern
  • Provides Clean, Bright Light LED Light for Up to Six Days
  • 300 Lumens of Light Makes This Among the Brightest Lanterns Available
  • LED Lighting is Long Lasting, Does Not Require Much Energy, and Does Not Burn Hot
  • Made With Sturdy Rubber and ABS Plastic - Durable and Water Resistant
  • Remove Top for bright Bare Bulb Flashlight or Hanging Light
  • Handy Carrying Handle and a Hanging Hook Included in the Design
  • Choose Low or High Brightness or a Flashing Strobe for Emergencies
  • Available From Amazon and Eligible for Prime - Currently $35
It has been quite a winter here in the NorthEast!  We have been hammered with snow and ice and freezing temperatures, and there is no end in sight.  Most people from this part of the country know that one of the sad realities of this time of year is that the bad weather brings power outages.  We hope for the best and prepare emergency kits.  Most of the time power comes back on within a few hours, but we have been without for days on end.  We have some traditional flashlights and a lot of candles, but this year we have something even better.  The AYL 300 Lumens StarLight 330 Lantern.

This lantern is extremely sturdy, and it gives off bright clean light.  I can choose a low or high setting, and if there is an emergency, I can put on a strobe light feature to summon help,

The lantern runs on 3 D batteries (NOT inlcuded) and because LED bulbs use such a small amount of power, I can get up to six days of uninterrupted lantern use without having to change them.  The bulb will also last a long time - up to 100,000 hours!

As you can see in the photo, the batteries go into the base, and the top piece comes off for bare bulb lighting.  There is a handle for carrying and the bottom has a hook (not shown) to hang the lantern in a bulb down position.

The lantern also has a small LED light that flashes so that the unit can be found in the dark.  This blinking light is right by the power button so that in an emergency it will be easy to locate.

Here is a short video so that you can see the how the different features work in real time.

This is also a great item to have for fun times, too.  Campers, fishermen, and kids who love to hear stories inside their blanket forts will all one one, too.

This AYL lantern is available from the Amazon website and is an Amazon Prime item.