Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#JesusSeesUs - Children Can Carry their Faith With Them! #Easter

Jesus Sees Us 02Jesus Sees Us Doll and Picture Book
  • Jesus Doll is About Eleven Inches Tall - Plastic Head & Extremities, Soft Body
  • Accompanying Storybook is Hardcover and Contains Ten Stories
  • Each Story Has a Bible Lesson That Children Can Model
  • Rather Than "Spying" on Children, This Doll is a Companion
  • Face, Hands, and Feet Are Easy to Clean, Body is Soft and Huggable
  • Visit the Website to Learn More - jesusseesus.com
  • Buy Your Own Jesus Sees Us Doll From Amazon  ($35 - Prime Eligible)
  • Amazon Price Currently Reduced to $24.99 -  $10 Off (limited time offer)
  • The Jesus Sees Us Facebook Page Shares a New Learning Verse Each Day
When I first saw the Jesus Sees Us doll, I was afraid it was meant to be used like the Christmas Elf who sits up high, spies on the kids, and reports back to the North Pole each night.  That is the exact opposite of what this doll really is!  Rather, this doll is a reminder of a Redeemer who walks among us, and wants to be with us.  Even his posture, with arms open invites little ones to embrace Him.

If you were also mislead by the title, take two minutes and listen to the moms who created Jesus Sees Us as they explain and demonstrate their vision to you.

Isn't this a great idea for an Easter present?  And don't forget the coupon code for TEN dollars off!  (With a Prime account you can also receive fast and free shipping!)

Here is how the doll comes packaged.  The storybook is found behind the doll inside the packaging.  The stories are fully illustrated so they can be read to many ages at one time and even toddlers can follow along.  As they get a little bit older, children can use the reference notations to look the verses up in a Bible and read the grown up versions of their favorite stories.
The format of the books is simple.  First there is a title, for example, the first story is Share With Others.  Then a super simple version of the story of the loaves and fishes is told in four sentences.  The next page the books asks, "How Can I Be Like Jesus?"  followed by another short paragraph which gives examples of how a child can share.  Finally there is a small picture of a Bible and the notation to visit Matthew 14:13-21 for the full story.

Other lessons Include: Respect All Adults*, Show Love to Others, Forgive Others, Be a Peacemaker, Pray, Have Faith and Trust in God, Help the Less Fortunate, Help the Sick, and Tell the Truth.
*I would just add that while this lesson is very important, be sure to teach kids personal safety as well.

Mostly, children will enjoy including Jesus in their play and prayer.  From an early age they will consider Him as a companion and a friend.  When I think of how many people struggle with this concept as adults, I wish they had could have had a doll like this as a child!

Here are some of the pictures that the creators have shared to show the way children might interact with their Jesus doll. If young children can develop a healthy idea of Him as a normal part of their daily routine, imagine how that can help them as they grow!

I think this would make a sweet Easter gift or First Holy Communion gift for little ones.  It could also be a nice Christening gift.  In addition to being adorable, this doll is durable, and the surfaces are easy to clean.  The chunky design and soft middle makes it easy for kids of all ages to carry and cuddle.