Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#Stackins Stackable Plush Friends by @Funrise_Toys - Now at #ShopJustice Stores

stackins stackable friends
Stackins Stackable Plush Toys by Funrise
  • Adorable 3.5 inch Plush Toys
  • Available Exclusively at Justice Stores
  • Manufacturer's suggested Price $7.90 - currently $3.95 each (50% off!)
  • Four Friends are Currently Offered
  • More Characters in Various Sizes to Come
  • Over Time, Collect Them All!
  • Created by Funrise Toys www.funrise.com
  • Get Social With  FunRise on Facebook,  and YouTube
  • You can also find @Funrise_Toys on Twitter, and  @funrisetoys on Instagram
Stackins Stackable Friends 1The adorable Stackins Stackable Plush toys are now available in Justice stores and from shopjustice.com.  Aren't they just the cutest?

The first four Stackins that have made their debut are; Bonny the grey bunny, Checkers the pink and blue cheetah , Kiki the orange fox, and Poppy the pink dog.  These four are a small size, and measure about three and a half inches.  As the rest of the toy line rolls out there will be various sizes and many more animals to choose from, so a beautiful collection of these sweet an cuddly plush could look like this.

Stackins stackable friends 2
If you check out the bullet points at the top of this post, you will find the link to the Funrise Toys page.  Stop by and get a sneak peek at the Stackins that are still to come along with games and coloring pages featuring the Stackins characters.

Right now, for a limited time, Justice Stores are offering these small plush for fifty percent off the suggested manufacturer's retail price.  I think that makes this the perfect time to grab all four and start your collection!