Wednesday, June 3, 2015

#Neocell Biotin Bursts - Soft Acai Berry Chews - #NeocellHealth

Neocell Biotin Bursts
 Neocell Biotin Burst Soft Chews
  • Supplies the B vitamin Biotin for Healthy Skin and Hair
  • Each Soft Chew Delivers 10,000 MCG of Biotin
  • 30 Individually Wrapped Chews per Box
  • Acai Berry for Delicious Flavor and Antioxidants
  • Supplement is Gluten Free and Soy Free
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As we age our hair can become duller and our nails more brittle.  One of the vitamins that helps to keep hair and nails healthy is B7, also known as Biotin.  Neocell Health has a delicious way to deliver not only Biotin, but also the antioxidants found in Acai berries.

Inside the box is a resealable foil pouch with 30 soft chews.  These should be kept in the refrigerator after opening to keep the optimal texture.

Neocell Biotin Bursts
The individually wrapped chews are all natural and have the delicious taste of Acai.  One chew each day delivers 10,000 micrograms of Biotin.

Neocell Biotin Bursts
This supplement tates more like a treat than a health supplement.  You will find them at GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and many other retail locations.  Visit the website for locations and to learn more about Biotin Bursts and the many other Neocell products.