Sunday, July 19, 2015

#ComposeYourself - A Musical Card Game by @ThinkFun

Compose Yourself by Think Fun
Compose Yourself Music Card Game
  • Invented by Philip Sheppard, world-famous composer and cellist
  • Anyone Can Use This Game and Create a Short Musical Piece
  • An Online App Allows Players to Arrange, Download, Share, or Print Their Work
  • Arrange Simple Music Compostions by Using 60 Transparent Music Cards
  • For Ages Six to Adult, Includes Instructions and a Carry Bag
  • Over a Billion Melodies Are Possible From One Deck
  • Inspire Creativity and Boost Self Esteem While Teaching Basic Music Theory
  • Purchase Compose Yourself From Amazon  - Currently $14.99 and Prime Eligible
  • Find More ThinkFun Games at
  • ThinkFun is also on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram
Here is a game invented by musician Phil Sheppard and produced by ThinkFun.  Like all ThinkFun games it combines fun with learning.

This short video explains the process in wonderful detail in about two minutes, so take a look.

The key to the game is these transparent cards.  Each one has a measure of notes and they each have four unique sounds depending on which way you flip them.

Each side has a number on the upper left and lower right corner.  Position the cards in the order you would like then focus on the upper left corner.

You will use these four digit numbers as your data input on the Compose Yourself website.

Compose Yourself 06
I chose four cards and decided I would simply flip them repeatedly until I used all four corners.    Here is the first line of my song.

Compose Yourself 07
After flipping them three times I was able to input four unique lines of musical notes.

Once the cards are submitted they show up on the musical score.  They can be flipped and rearranged easily here.

Compose Yourself 02
Here you can also listen to the sound of the arrangement and continue tweaking it until you like it.  Once I was satisfied with my results I named the piece and shared it across my social media channels.

Compose Yourself 01
It is also possible to print this out as sheet music and play it on a musical instrument.

The website has other areas which explain the story behind the game, provide hints and tips for better compositions,  and Maestro's Notes which has interesting posts from accomplished musicians.

This is a smart game with great longevity.  I like it a lot and think it is a great pickup.  It can help with creative thinking and memory, it has a social component, and it is fun!