Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jenga Giant Genuine Hardwood Edition - Now It's a GIANT Party! #JengaGiant

Jenga Giant FamilyJenga Giant Genuine Hardwood Edition
  • This Brand New Jenga Game Plays Just Like Classic Jenga, But Bigger
  • Setup Size is 22 Inches Tall, and Stacks Can Reach Over 4 Feet!
  • This Version is Slightly More Than 8 Times the Size of Classic Jenga
  • The Game Includes 54 Precision Cut and Polished Hardwood Blocks
  • Each Block is 6 Inches by 2 Inches by 1.2 Inches in Size
  • The Distinctive Orange Box is Sturdy Box Allows For Easy Transport
  • The Box Can Also Provide a Level and Sturdy Play Platform
  • This is Designed for Ages 10 and Up and Can be Played by One or More
  • Booster Kits and Replacement Pieces are Available
  • Visit To See the Giant Jenga Games, Accessories, and Apparel
  • Jenga Giant Has a Suggested Retail Price of $119.95 - 
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 If you have a Jenga game then you know that whenever the game comes out people say, "Oh, Jenga!  I love Jenga!"

Now try to imagine what happens when people see a Jenga game that is eight times the size of the original.
Jenga Comparison with classic
Don't you want to play just looking at it?  I just brought a game of Jenga Giant to a week of summer camp, and every single person who saw it wanted to play!  Unfortunately they were not my kiddos, so for privacy reasons I cannot post action shots, but here is a video that shows you some live action game play.  It is so much fun!  The anticipation of the crash is fantastic!

The game comes in a box that looks very similar to the classic box, just quite a bit larger!  It can be used as a base to play the game, but for demonstration purposes, I wanted it side by side in my photograph.

Jenga Giant
The rules are the same - start with a solid stack using three blocks as the base and building up going in opposite directions.  Once the eighteen story tower is built players remove the blocks one at a time, using one hand, and add them to the top of the structure.  Blocks must be taken from below the highest completed level and must be stacked 3 across before building higher.

Eventually, the tower will crash and then the fun begins again.  The winner is the last to place a block without it tumbling down.  The one who causes the crash will rebuild and get the first turn in the next game.

The website (linked above) has booster kits for expansion if you really want to test your skills, and they also have replacement blocks in sets of three.  If you are a huge fan, there is also Jenga apparel, and of course, all of the Jenga Giant games.

Here is the accessory I want the most.  it is a "throw it and go" duffle bag for carrying the pieces, an acrylic base platform to play on, and a Chalk Ink wet wipe marker that can be used to write temporary messages on the game pieces.

Jenga Giant Bag
If you are a Jenga fan, you can put this on your holiday wish list.  It is available in the United States and Canada.  There is also a premium hardwood edition that builds up to three feet, and soon there will be an XXL cardboard edition that can stack up to eight feet tall!  Pre-orders are being accepted for that game now.

Jenga - Now it's a Party!