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Chicken Soup for the Soul Inspiration For #Nurses (With Giveaway) @ChickenSoupSoul

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Inspiration for NursesChicken Soup for the Soul Inspiration For Nurses
101 Stories of Appreciation and Wisdom
  • A Book of 101 Short Reader Submitted Stories 
  • Arranged by Amy Newmark and LeAnn Thieman
  • Softcover and Digital Editions Available
  • English Language - 350 Pages
  • Published July 21, 2015 by Chicken Soup for the Soul/Simon &Schuster
  • List Price $14.95 (Digital $9.99)
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I will never regret my decision to become an RN.  I had several short lived careers before I finally earned my nursing degree, but the title I always identify with is nurse.  Did you catch the surge of nursing pride that followed the Miss America pageant last month?  Millions of us stood up proudly after some disparaging remarks were made about the contestant who claimed nursing was her talent.  

Nursing is a unique and exciting job choice.  Most people know that it requires a lot of selflessness and compassion to be a nurse, but there is so much more to it.  We are the link between doctors and patients.  In addition to administering the medication and care the doctor prescribes. It is the nurse who will catch subtle (and not so subtle) changes in a patient's status.  But that is not all we do.  We talk, we teach, we listen, we share the victories, and we mourn the losses.  We are there from birth to death, and at every stage in between.

I cannot count the joys and the sorrows that I have experienced during many years of night shifts, but I would not trade a single tear.  I have been blessed by my amazing co-workers and have been honored to work with my patients and their families.

If you are a nurse, you know exactly what I mean - we put a lot into the job!  Here is a Chicken Soup for the Soul book that makes a great choice for your nightstand,coffee table, nurse's station or break room.

Inspiration for Nurses has 101 stories that you will enjoy as you unwind after a long shift.  They are broken down into chapters as follows. . .
  1. The True Meaning of Nursing
  2. Defining Moments
  3. A Calling
  4. Lessons
  5. Overcoming Obstacles
  6. Divine Intervention
  7. Angels Among Us
  8. A Matter of Perspective
  9. Beyond the Call of Duty
  10. Heart of  a Nurse
  11. Thank You
You can pick up a copy online or in book stores - or you might win one, too!  I have been given permission to offer a copy of this title as a giveaway item.  You just need to use the form below to enter.  (US residents 18 and older.)

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