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Strong and Kind - Intentional Parenting Advice by Korie Robertson #StrongAndKindKids

Strong and Kind - Korrie Robertson
Strong and Kind:
And Other Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed
  • A Book About Instilling Christian Character Traits in Children
  • Written by Korie Robertson with Help From Chrys Howard
  • Includes Stories and Bits of Wisdom from Willie Robertson
  • Hardcover Volume - English Language - 240 Pages
  • Released October 27, 2015 by The W Publishing Group (Thomas Nelson)
  • Also Available as an eBook and Auido Book
  • Find Out More by Visiting the Website
  • Korie is on Twitter and Instagram (@BossHogsWife) 
  • She Also Has a Facebook Fan Page (Official Korie Robertson)
  • You Can Also Download a Free Sample Chapter by Visiting the Website
I remember a talk my father had with me before my sons were born.  He told me that I was not just having two babies, I was going to be responsible for raising two men.  His advice was to always keep in mind that I was preparing them for the world.

Korie Robertson had a similar revelation when her children were young.  She spent time thinking about the character traits she wanted to instill in her children as they grew into young adults.  As she thought about this, she realized that the best way for her children to develop the virtues she wanted them to possess was to teach and model them at home.  

Here Korie talks about that realization:

In her book, Strong and Kind, Korie shares her thoughts on character and virtue along with some tools to help instill these values.  Her mother, Chrys Howard also shares some thoughts, and, at the end of each chapter, Willie Robertson shares a story or some wisdom on the topic his wife just discussed.

There are three main parts to the book as well as an Introduction, and Appendix, some end notes and other extras.  The meat of it breaks out like this:
Part One:: The Importance of Good Character: (You've Got This!) 
Chapter  1: The Character Challenge
Chapter  2: Character and The Bible
Chapter  3:  Make Sure You Run the Show
Chapter   4:  Let Your Children Grow Up
Chapter   5:  To Behave or Not to Behave
Chapter   6:  See Your Children as The Adults You Want Them to Be 
Part Two: Identifying the Character Traits You Want to See In Your Children (Putting it All Together) 
Chapter   7:  Strong
Chapter   8:  Kind
Chapter   9:  Self Controlled
Chapter 10:  Honest
Chapter 11:  Compassionate
Chapter 12:  Patient
Chapter 13:  Joyful
Chapter 14:  Loyal
Chapter 15:  Humble 
Part Three:  How to Parent Kids of Character (Making it Work) 
Chapter 16:  Be Confident
Chapter 17:  Be Consistent
Chapter 18:  Be Loving
Chapter 19:  Be Truthful
Chapter 20:  Be Real
Chapter 21:  Be Unified
Chapter 22:  Be Creative
Chapter 23:  Be Intentional
Chapter 24:  Now Do It! 
Korie's writing style is warm and although the book is Christian, it is not preachy.  The reading is easy, the advice sound, and the parenting tools are very doable.  She also stresses that it is never too late to start - so even if you are dealing with teens, you might benefit from her advice - why not download the free chapter from the website linked above and see what you think!

Jess Connolly of Naptime Diaries also created a workbook that goes with the book.  Go to Faith Gateway to see how you can get a Free Download which includes beautiful graphics and areas to keep notes like this. 

Strong and Kind Workbook page 2

Strong and Kind Workbook Page
I found the book to be helpful, even now that my kids are older,  I picked up some new ideas, and I enjoyed the stories and personal touches in each chapter.

If you think this is a book you would enjoy, please visit the website to get more information and find links to purchase your own copy.

I would like to thank FlyBy/Propeller for the opportunity to review this book and to share my thoughts with you!