Monday, November 9, 2015

Faith of Our Fathers a PureFlix Film Now Available on DVD #FaithOfOurFathers a #FlyBy review

Faith of Our Fathers DVD
Faith of Our Fathers
  • Starring David A. R. White, Kevin Downes, and Stephen Baldwin
  • Appearances by Candace Cameron Bure and Si Robertson
  • A Faith Based Film Released by PureFlix Entertainment 
  • Rated PG-13 for Scenes of War and Mature Themes
  • Available on DVD and Streaming Video
  • Single Disc, English Language, 1 Hr, 45 minutes
  • Includes Special Features and English/Spanish Subtitles
  • Suggested Price $14.99 (Prices Vary According to Retailer)
  • For More Information Visit
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Christian movie goers are becoming familiar with the work of PureFlix Studios.  These are faith based movies that are rapidly gaining in popularity.  Earlier this year pureFlix released Faith of Our Fathers, a movie about two soldiers who served in Vietnam, and their sons.

Eddie and Steven meet in 1969 while fighting the Vietnam War for the United States.  Both men have newborn sons, but they have very little else in common.  Even so, as time goes on their dangerous situation draws them closer as friends.  Steven is a devout Christian and evangelizes at every opportunity.  Eddie is a bit rough around the edges and thinks he may be too far gone to be saved, but Steven doesn't stop sharing his faith. A very dangerous mission forges their friendship and also causes them to contemplate their mortality.  Sadly, both young men die in the jungle and their sons never get to know them.

In 1994 one of the sons, John Paul comes across some of his father's belongings.  Seeing the items and reading a letter he learns about his father's friend Eddie.  Not knowing that Eddie died, too, he tries to find him.  Instead he finds Wayne, Eddie's son.  Both John Paul and Wayne, share the desire to know more about their fathers.  John Paul impulsively gets on a plane and goes to see Wayne.  Before he knows what is happening, he and Wayne are setting off on a five day road trip to the Vietnam Wall.  Three weeks before he is supposed to get married.

Before I share my thoughts, take a look at this video of the movie trailer.

If you watched the trailer, you can see there are some very serious moments.  The story line about the fathers in Vietnam is both sad and poignant.  The plot involving their sons, on the other hand, is a bit crazy.  It is requires some latitude because it is rather implausible.

To start, when John Paul makes contact with Wayne, he gets hung up on after a brief and rude conversation.  This doesn't deter him from hopping on a plane.  Next, he arrives at Wayne's home and is shot at, (like, with a gun) several times.  Still he stands his ground and waits all afternoon and evening without budging, basically insisting to be let in.  Finally allowed inside, Wayne doesn't answer any questions, but allows John Paul to stay the night.

Before the crack of dawn the next morning, John Paul agrees to accompany Wayne (the stranger who shot at him) on a five day road trip to Washington D.C.  There are several moments of almost slapstick humor, and the two men don't get along well at all.  Wayne even insists to be paid five hundred dollars before he will let John Paul read letters he has about his father.

The stories intertwine so the viewer sees the progression of the mission in Vietnam with the fathers in conjunction with their sons's journey.  Although the insertion of humor was not my cup of tea, I think that it helps relieve some of the drama and tension and might make this easier to watch as a family.

I won't give away too many details, but suffice it to say, the sons encounter quite a few trials on their way to The Wall. Even so, piece by piece, things fall into place.  The audience that this film is made for will see Divine Providence at work.

The DVD does include some special features:

Faith of Our Fathers Special Features
There are both English and Spanish subtitles available as well as some short features.
  • The Heart of Faith of Our Fathers
  • Honoring Father's Day
  • Commemorating Memorial Day
  • Si Robertson Interview
  • Stephen Baldwin Interview
  • PureFlix Trailers
Of course, Father's Day and Memorial Day have passed, but Veteran's Day is this week.  This might be the movie to pick up and watch if you have the day off.   There are also resources on the website (linked above) for pastors who would like to use the movie as a point of reference for a series of sermons on courageous faith.  There is also a wonderful section of the website that is dedicated to Praying for Veterans where visitors can leave a tribute to the veterans they love.

I would like to thank FlyBy/Propeller for providing a copy of the DVD for me to review and share my opinion.