Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Minute Toy Shopping? @ThinkFun Games are Sure to be a Hit! #CodeMaster, #LaserMazeJr, #RushHourShift

Great Gift Ideas for Kids From ThinkFun
Code Master, LaserMaze Jr, and Rush Hour Shift

ThinkFun is the best kind of toy company.  They don't just make games kids love, they employ brilliant mathematicians, scientists, and inventors so that play engages the mind. Each product requires logical thought process to play, but the strategies are engaging enough that both kids and adults want to keep playing.  There are many levels and combinations to work though so these offer plenty of longevity at affordable prices.  Here are just three of the many great ThinkFun games.  To see more visit the website at and interact through the Twitter (@ThinkFun), Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

Code Master
  • Teaches Programming Basics With Puzzles
  • No Computer Required
  • For Ages 8 to Adult
  • Single Player Game That Allows for Collaboration
  • Levels Increase in Difficulty as Skill Increases
  • Includes: Avatar, Portal, 6 Crystals, 10 Maps with 60 Levels, 12 Guide Scrolls, 12 Action Tokens, 8 Conditional Tokens,Instructions with Solutions
  • Available at Target 
  • Suggested Price is $19.99
This game is fun and addicting.  Computer coding is a really hot field right now, and kids can get a head start on the principles of coding while having lots of fun.  Best of all, there is no screen time required!  Kids as young as 8 can play, but even adults like it, so the whole family can enjoy this one.  While it is a single player game, it can be fun to gather around and collaborate.  As the player's skill increases he can level up and take on more challenging puzzles.

Here's how the game is played:

Laser Maze Junior
  • Block and Bend Light to Reach the Target With Your Laser Beam
  • For Ages 5 and Up - single Player Game
  • Includes Forty Challenges of Varying Difficulty
  • Suggested Price $29.99
  • Available From Amazon With Prime Delivery Before Christmas
  • Includes Game Grid with Laser, 40 Challenges, Instruction Manual with Solutions, and 11 Game Tokens (2 Rocket Targets, 3 Space Rock Blockers, 5 Satellite Mirrors and 1 Beam Splitter)
This is another great game.  You may have read my review for the original Laser Maze for ages 8 to adult.  This is a very similar concept - the player must bend the light beam to hit the target by using mirrors and being aware of things that will block the path.  However, there are some kid friendly features like walls to protect the eyes from the light, a fun outer space theme, and pieces sized to accommodate smaller hands.  The puzzles are a little bit easier to start, but they gradually increase in difficulty.  The puzzle cards tell the player what they will need and then the thinking starts.  Sometimes it can be easily solved, other times it will require trial and erroe, but it is always interesting and lots of fun.

Here is a how to play video:

Rush Hour Shift
  • A Game for Two Players Ages 8 and Up
  • A Spin Off From the Popular Single Player Game 
  • Evade the Traffic and Advance Your Car Across The Board
  • The First Car Across Wins
  • Requires Strategy and Logic
  • Board Sections Can Be Moved Adding an Extra Challenge
  • Available From Amazon for $29.99 (Prime Delivery Before Christmas!)
  • Includes: Traffic Grid, 12 Blocking Vehicles, 2 Hero Cars, 32 Cards, Instructions with 10 Game Set-Ups, Travel Bag
This is one that the whole family can enjoy.  The original Rush Hour only allowed one to play, not face off against an opponent in this sliding block logic game.  Plot a path across the board and hope that your rival doesn't obstruct your path.  Not only will you have to navigate other cars through grid lock, the sections of the traffic grid can be moved to create new impediments to your goal.  The first to get across the board wins!

Check it out:

There are more great games from ThinkFun and you can still get most of them before Christmas!  Check out the website for more gift ideas.  You can search by age, skill, or best seller status.

You can also see my reviews of other ThinkFun games like Word Around, Math Dice, Gravity Maze, and Compose Yourself.

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