Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Introducing #ScrubBugs - The Fun Way to Develop Healthy Handwashing Habits

scrub bugs
The cute little guys in the photo above are called "Scrub bugs".  You might be able to see the little bristles on their bellies.  That is because they are not just cute toys, they are also specially designed handwashing scrub brushes for kids.

The bright designs are attractive and fun, but the technology is developed by a surgeon.  You may have seen the way a doctor prepares for the Operating Room.  There is a special way to scrub in that ensures the patient will not be contaminated by the caregivers.  There is a sponge with cleanser on one side and bristles to disrupt the germs on the skin's surface and get underneath the nails.  These Scrub Bugs have similar technology.

Right now as the flu is going around again, these are even more appealing!  Check out this short descriptive video.

Here is a detailed image of the Scrub Bug's bottom which shows how the brushes work.

scrub bugs design

Unlike the surgeon's brush, these are not disposable.  That's okay, take notice that the brush stands up on its bottom so that it can dry properly.

Right now there are a few days left to get in on this fully funded Kickstarter project!  If you contribute you'll be among the first to have one of these great Scrub Bugs.  You'll also see reward incentives for family packs, family and friends gifts, or the ability to provide these to schools.  Check out the campaign here: Scrub Bugs Kickstarter Campaign 

If you are reading this late, that's okay - you can keep up with them on their company website or follow Scrub Bugs on Facebook, and on Instagram to find out when they are available for purchase.  I'm sure it won't be long!