Monday, May 30, 2016

A Review of #WiseGuys - A Book About Male Mentorship by Kent Evans

Wise Guys by Kent Evans
Unlocking Hidden Wisdom From the Men Around You
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  • Learn to Recognize and Become a Great Christian Male Mentor
  • Written by Kent Evans - Co-Founder of The Manhood Journey
  • Published by City on a Hill Ministries
  • Due for Release on June 1st, 2016 
  • Will be Available From Amazon and Other Booksellers
  • Paperback Edition - English Language - 164 Pages - $14.99
  • Designed to Guide Men and Inspire Mentorship
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As the mom of teen sons, I often worry about the messages the world is sending them.  In this media driven culture the headlines showcase the worst that society has to offer.  Additionally, their entertainment and social media is dominated by images of extremes.  It seems to me that whatever is geared for their age group portrays men as either idiots or thugs.  These factors are influencing young men in a country where fatherhood is undervalued and gender identity has suddenly become the hottest topic of the day.  If men seem confused, it is no small wonder!

The people at City on a Hill recognized this growing problem and in turn formed The Manhood Journey.  It is a non denominational Christian response for fathers seeking help raising their own young men.  One of the co-founders of this project is Kent Evans.  Kent is the author of this new book, Wise Guys, due to be released later this week.

Wise Guys is an easy to read book filled with engaging stories, good advice, and thought provoking questions that I am looking forward to sharing with my sons.  I love that it stresses the importance of having solid male friends and mentors.  

I think in all things it is important to have a strong role models.  When I began working as a nurse I was lucky to be taught by veteran nurses.  When I became a mother of twins I sought the advice of women who had been in my position and that help was a godsend!  Women seem to have less trouble saying, "I need some help here!"  In Wise Guys, there is an Introduction by Kyle Idleman and he is quick to point out that men are not as inclined to admit they need help.  With a bit of a shortage in the male mentoring category and many of our younger men being raised in broken homes or with absent fathers it makes their forays out into adulthood even more difficult.

Here's how it breaks out - after the foreword and a short chapter which serves as a guide for getting the most out of the contents, the chapters each have a main focus.  There is a story, usually followed by what the author calls the "Life Lessons" he learned from it.  Then there are some discussion questions.  this set up looks like it would be super easy to use in groups - and I believe that is the point - to get men working together to support one another and prepare to mentor the ones who are coming up behind them.  

Here are the titles of the chapters in order:
  1. Figure Yourself Out
  2. Encourage Relentlessly
  3. Always be Asking
  4. Correct Gently
  5. Learn From Action
  6. Follow the Sprinters
  7. Welcome Kindly
  8. Exercise Tangible Grace
  9. Finish Strong
  10. Ditch the Cynicism
  11. Ask Artfully
  12. Know When to Let Go
  13. Pray Spontaneously
  14. Tap Shoulders
  15. Command Calmly
  16. Sign Up. Pitch In
  17. Simply Excel
These are followed by and epilogue and some final acknowledgements.

As you can see the concepts presented, although simple, are a bit counter-cultural.  However, because I spend a good deal of time looking away from the headlines and more closely focused on ordinary people, I see many good men.  These are guys who are very capable of steering others away from the egocentric and over the top lifestyles dangled in front of them.  I have seen what authentic encouragement can do for a young person and I am optimistic.  Perhaps a book like this can help more men to seek good counsel and then channel their own natural inclinations to become the next proactive mentors. 

Visit the links above for more information about The Manhood Journey and the Wise Guys book.  As I mentioned above, a free sample portion is available for download.  The release date is this Wednesday, and the book will be available for purchase online and in book stores.


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