Saturday, June 11, 2016

Keep Math Skills Sharp This Summer With #MathDiceChase by @ThinkFunGames

Math Dice Chase
Math Dice Chase by ThinkFun
  • A Fast Paced Game for Building Mental Math Skills
  • Made for Drilling Multiplication Tables
  • Easily Adaptable for Addition and Subtraction Facts
  • Comes With Four Large 12 Sided Dice (Two Purple, Two Blue)
  • Includes a Draw String Pouch to Hold the Dice and Instruction Book
  • Best With Four to Six Players Ages 8 and Above
  • Available From Amazon for $6.99
  • Find More Fun Education Games at
  • ThinkFun is on Facebook and YouTube as Well as Instagram and Twitter
It is important for students to have a good grasp on their multiplication facts in order to do well in math.  Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus go much more smoothly if we can easily call to mind the products of (at least) the first twelve times tables.

Math Dice Chase helps enforce this learning through a fun and face paced game. The rules are simple and the motivation to become quick with answers increases as the number of players decreases.

To begin the players sit in a circle and two who are across from each other each get a pair of the dice. 
Math Dice Chase
I should mention here that these dice are great, and everyone wants to touch and roll them.  They come in these cute colors and even though they are big and chunky they are not heavy. Okay, back to the game play. . . 

Those first two players we mentioned above will get things started by rolling the dice.  Once they land each will call out their numbers and the solution to them if they were a multiplication problem.  For example, if player one rolls a seven and six she would call out, "Seven times six is forty-two!" as the person across the table calls out their answer.  Then they pass the dice to person beside them on the left.  The next two players do the same: roll, call out the equation and the solution, pass to the left.  Play should not stop at all unless a challenge is called (explained below) and the dice will keep moving "hot potato" style around and around the circle..

If anyone calls out a wrong answer, hopefully somebody will catch it and challenge the player.  That would go like this: Player one will say, "Seven times six is fifty-four!" (or any incorrect product) and player two will call out, "Challenge!"  At this point all play stops as the first person repeats her answer.  In this case because the answer was wrong she would be out of the play for the remainder of the round. On the other hand, if a player calls a challenge but the original player had the correct answer the challenger is the one removed from play for calling an invalid challenge.

The game continues in this fashion and the dice keep moving around the circle one place to the left as players roll and solve.  Eventually one person will have both pair of dice at the same time.  This person sits out and the dice are reset to players sitting across from one another again.  

Finally it will come down to two players.  At this time one pair of dice are removed from play and each player gets a single die.  Both roll and whoever calls out the proper equation and answer first wins that round.  It may take several rolls before a clear winner is determined.

Here is a short video by ThinkFun about the game:

As she says in the video, games make it fun and easier to learn.  I think most people would rather play a fun dice game rather than sit at the table to write out their times tables over and over!

I think it is a great pickup for the summer to help keep mental math skills up to date.  Younger grades can play by doing addition and subtraction.

Another nice thing about dice is that they are adaptable.  If you don't have enough players to play hot potato style a parent can sit with a child who rolls a single pair of dice and just solve for whatever they roll - it still beats sitting with pencil and paper!

When it is time to clean up everything fits in this convenient draw string bag.  It is light and easy to carry if you would like to take the dice on the go, too.
Math Dice Chase
Have a fun summer while keeping math facts sharp.  You can find more great educational toys and games at - I have included the link in the bullet points.