Monday, November 28, 2016

Check Out The #Yoga Spinner by @ThinkFun Games for Kids Ages 5 and Up

Think fun Yoga Spinner Game
The Yoga Spinner Game by ThinkFun Toys
  • This is an Easy and Fun Game That Incorporates Yoga
  • Portable and Durable Spinner Also Houses 54 Yoga Cards and Instructions
  • For Ages 5 and Older (Parents Can Play, Too!)
  • A Game for 2-4 Players or Teams
  • Physical Game Play Gets Kids Up and Moving
  • Hones Physical, Visual, and Reasoning Skills
  • Suggested Retail Price is $14.99
  • Available From Amazon
  • You Can Also Find the Yoga Spinner Game in Target Stores
A common lament among parents I speak with is that their children don't get enough physical activity.  This game from ThinkFun is a fun way to take a break from electronics and do something good for the mind and body at the same time.

The Yoga Spinner Game is easy to play.  The yellow plastic case contains 54 playing cards with different colored backgrounds.  The top of the unit is also a spinner.  Players take turns spinning with the goal of collecting a yoga pose in each of the four colors.  If you land on green you will do the pose on the green card and add it to your pile.  The same is true for red, blue, and white.  

Oh, wow, that seems easy, right?  Hold on though.  There are some other facets to the game.There are some spins which can change the game quickly!

Here is a closer look at the contents followed by an explanation of the spinner spaces.

ThinkFun Yoga Spinner Game
First, the happy face spot.  This spin allows a player to steal a card from the player on their  right (if that player hasn’t collected any cards, a card is taken from the next player; if no one has any cards, one is taken from any deck).

The white space is for partnered moves.  The player who is up takes a card from white deck, shows the move to the group and then all the players form pairs to do the pose in unison. When there is an uneven number of players, one player might have to go twice so that everyone gets a chance to play.

Do you see the spot with the question mark?  This is a great strategy building opportunity.  All of the player's opponents work together to decide which color deck the spinner shall take a card from. They can choose the green, red, or blue decks.

The sad face space indicates the player will lose a card. Again, the opponents work together to select one of the player's cards to be returned to the bottom of its corresponding deck. If no cards have been collected yet, no action is taken.

Finally, the jester's cap - the bonus space.  The lucky player who lands here may choose from any deck they would like. This is a chance to fill in any empty green, red, or blue space.  Unfortunately, white is not an option.

Add this one to your holiday shopping list for youngsters or teachers.  It makes a great gift!

ThnkFun is one of my favorite sources for games. They combine fun and education in creative ways and I feel that their prices are always reasonable. Visit to see more.