Sunday, December 18, 2016

Clue Master Is A #HolidayGift Idea That Combines Fun With Learning by @ThinkFun

Clue Master by ThinkFun
Clue Master by ThinkFun - Ignite Your Mind!
  • A Game of Logic and Deduction
  • A Single Player Game for Ages 8 and Up
  • Solve Forty Puzzles Using Shape and Color Clues
  • Puzzles Increase in Difficulty - Play Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert
  • Available at Target and From Amazon
  • Suggested Price is $12.99
  • See More Details by Visiting
  • ThinkFun is on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, (@ThinkFun) and Instagram
Are you still trying to wind up your Christmas shopping?  I have a great idea for you if you are trying to find a game that is fun AND makes the player think.  

Clue Master by ThinkFun is a logic and deduction game designed for players ages 8 and up.  Easily portable and designed for a single player it is great for at home, in the car, or for places where you might have to sit quietly for a period of time, like a waiting room.

Here is a quick video that will show you how to play.

Below are some photos of the puzzles from the video. (and another for good measure) Each is shown with their clues followed by the solution.

First puzzle number one, the easiest of all:

Clue Master by ThinkFun

I scribbled in the steps to solution in matching colors.

First, in purple, the pieces placed on the grid as they are shown in the clue.  Then circled in black you will see that the remaining blue and red pieces are put onto their squares.  Finally, circled in green, there is one piece left.  It is a green ball - and the proper solution!

Now let's look at another beginner and an intermediate puzzle.

Again, if you follow the color coded circlings in the side by side photos you will see how each piece on the solution grid matches what is being asked for in the clue.

I think this is a great choice for a tween on your list and it won't break the bank - the modest suggested retail price is only $12.99.

You can find this game at Target stores and from Amazon.  Prime members can definitely get this in time to put it under the tree for Christmas.

Happy Holidays!