Monday, December 19, 2016

Northern Lights Elsa Sings and Her Star Lights Up, Too!

Northern Lights Elsa
Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll
  • Licensed by Disney - Manufactured by Jakks Pacific
  • Includes Doll, Dress, Shoes, and Snowflake
  • Requires Six AAA Batteries - 3 Included
  • Doll Has Forty Different Phrases and Will Sing "Let it Go"
  • Choose Between Interactive and Night Light Modes
  • Battery compartments Have Screw On Covers For Safety
  • Available at Target, WalMart, Toys R Us and Online Marketplaces
  • Suggested Price $39.99 Varies by Retailer
Help Elsa to bring back the Northern Lights and recover her powers.  When you wave your hand over the Magic Snowflake or press the gem on Elsa's necklace you can create beautiful lights and sounds inspired by the movie Frozen and the colors of Aurora Borealis.

Elsa's Dress and Snowflake cycle through colors and she will speak forty phrases.  She can also sing "Let it Go."  When it is time for bed, turn the doll off and set the snowflake to nightlight mode to enjoy a lovely light show.

Here is a peek. . .

I think she is adorable, and you can see my cat really likes her, too!

If the doll is left on but not played with she will go into a sleep mode to preserve the battery life after two minutes.  She will wake up when you press her necklace.  The snowflake stays on for about three minutes before sleep mode when the switch is set to interactive.  It will stay on for eight minutes if it is nigh light mode.

Northern Lights Elsa is available at most major toy retailers.  She makes a great Holiday gift!
Northern Lights Elsa

See the Jakks Pacific website ( and social media pages for more great Disney Licensed toys.