Sunday, October 22, 2017

Same Kind of Different as Me is Now in Theaters #SameKindMovieL3

Same Kind of Different as Me
Same Kind of Different As Me

  • This New Film is Now in Select Theaters
  • Rated PG-13 - 2 Hours and 2 Minutes Run Time
  • Starring Greg Kinnear, RenĂ©e Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, Jon Voight
  • A Paramount Pictures/PureFlix Production
  • Christian Themes of Service, Marriage, Reconciliation,Friendship, Faith, and Unity
  • Find Theaters, Showtimes, and Buy Tickets Here:
Same Kind of Different as Me is a story many of us need to see right now.   Greg Kinnear plays Ron, an estranged husband who has been caught in infidelity.  His wife, Debbie, is played by Rene Zellweger.  She is open to reconciliation, but requires Ron to change his heart.  

There is a transformation in Ron as he learns the beauty of honesty and service. The greastest leap is when he is asked to befriend a dangerous homeless man after Debbie insists she has seen him in her dreams.  His leap of faith will lead all three of them to growth, insight, and spiritual recovery.  You will also see John Voight who plays Ron's father.  The two have had a tumultuous relationship which will also see positive changes.

Here is a short trailer to give you an idea what the film is like. 

As a parent, I appreciate the lessons of the film.  Money cannot buy our happiness.  Joy is found in service of others.  Forgiveness is not just I'm sorry, but the actions that prove our remorse.  When we serve "the least of us" we are serving Jesus.  These are the obvious messages, and I also see a couple fighting for a marriage, which many might believe is not salvageable.

I'm looking forward to seeing the whole movie in a theater, I hope you will, too!  The link to theaters, showtimes, and tickets is linked in the bullet points above.

Disclaimer:  I will receive two tickets to see this movie in exchange for sharing this post.