Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Beat Bugs are on NetFlix, and in Your Toy and Book Stores, Too #BeatBugs #HolidayGift

The Beat Bugs on NetFlix
The Beat Bugs - On NetFlix
  • An Animated Series Available on NetFlix
  • Two Seasons - Thirteen Episodes Each
  • Each Episode Has Two Short Stories
  • Guest Singers Include Eddie Vedder, P!NK, Sia, Jennifer Hudson, and Many More
  • Fans Can Interact on the Website With Activites, Videos, and a Parent Page
  • The Beat Bugs are Also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Keep the Fun Going With Beat Bugs Books, Toys, and Games (See Examples Below)
Every parent of young children knows that part of the package is enduring children's television.  The good news, it doesn't have to be painful. In fact, one of the newsest offerings for children actually includes classic Beatles music sung by some of our favorite stars!  As a person who gets music stuck in loops in my head, I would have appreciated this when my own boys were littles, that's for sure!

If you haven't seen or heard of the Beat Bugs, here is the official trailer for the series.

Adorable, right?   I haven't watched every episode, but what I have seen is positive.  I saw the bugs work together to problem solve, to create, and to work out feelings.  The bright colors, expressive language, catchy expressions and music will stick with kids.  This is helpful, because parents can easily remind their children of how the bugs worked a thing out if it comes up in their own life. 

Another thing about little ones is that when they enjoy something, they love to be surrounded by things with their favorite characters featured on them.  If you have a Beat Bugs fan, you are in luck.  There are so many toys, figures, books, games, clothes, towels, bedding, etc.  I was in Target the other day and saw so many cute things!  

I was able to check out a few samples myself, and here is just a tiny sample of what is available.

Lets start with books.  There are board/picture books, easy readers, and titles with small chapters.  There are also hard backed story books for lap time and bedtime stories.  I've also included a look at two books that include a musical component.

These Activity Books are also available for Pre-K to early grades.  Here is a look at a seek and find, some giant coloring pages, mess free marker coloring, a puzzle/sticker/activity book.

Of course, kids want toys!  Here are just a few.  There are figures and musical games as well as learning toys like this matching game.  I think this musical microphone is especially smart since it plays both the series tunes, or it can plug into your device for a change.

This Singing Walter Plush is my favorite.  If you turn the toy on and he hears "his" music, his cheeks light up and he will sing his lines.  If you don't have the series on, you can use a free app - you can see a demonstration of how that works in this video.

These plush toys take 3 AAA batteries.  A set of demo batteries come with your purchase but mine didn't last long.  Be sure to have some back ups!

If you have little ones, and haven't seen the Beat Bugs, check them out! here are some great ideas for under the tree, don't you think?

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I was given these samples in exchange for my honest review and opinions.  I am not a paid blogger and none of my channels are monetized.