Monday, August 2, 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop - Week One

This week is the first week of the "not back to school"  blog hop.  If you visit Heart of the Matter, you'll be able to see some posts from homeschool families.  This week is "curriculum week", and everyone involved will be blogging about this year's curriculum choices.

I have twins, and they are both pretty evenly matched academically. They also have a lot of the same interests, so their enthusiasm for subjects can be contagious.  When we study history or science, they will both check out books and documentaries to learn more.  It helps make my job as teacher a little bit easier.

This year is technically 5th grade, here is what we are studying:
MATH - Right Start Mathematics, Level E.
Arithmetic skills include percents, decimals, and short division; in geometry, rotational symmetry and measuring angles
Materials: Workbook and Text, manipulatives, drafting materials, abacus, calculator

READING - Catholic National Reader 4, Children's Homer, D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths, Aesop for Children, Archimedes and the Door of Science, and Daily Self Directed Reading.

GRAMMAR AND COMPOSITION - Fifth Grade Writing Success Workbook (Sylvan), Writing Tales 2, Book Reports, Compositions

LANGUAGE - English From the Roots Up

GEOGRAPHY - The Everything Kids States Book - Wind Your Way Across America, Greek Atlas, DK Books Eyewitness Ancient Greece

U.S. HISTORY (includes PATRIOTISM / CITIZENSHIP) -  We The People - The Story of The Constitution,  How to Raise an American,  The New York State Story

ANCIENT HISTORY - Famous Men of Greece (GreenLeaf) - text and workbook

SCIENCE - Exploring Creation with Astronomy (Apologia)

HEALTH -  Proper Manners and Health Habits (Rod and Staff)

MUSIC - Music and Moments With the Masters (year one)

VISUAL ARTS -  From The National Gallery of Art : Art and Critical Thinking, Art Analysis, Mark Kistler's Draw Squad

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - 30 minutes or more of physical exercise each day.  Including swimming, gymnastics, grappling, kickboxing and karate.  Activities will be logged.

PENMANSHIP - Handwriting 3 For Young Catholics

RELIGION - My Path to Heaven, Religion 5 For Young Catholics

We're looking forward to a great year!