Thursday, September 30, 2010

Foundlings - The Peleg Chronicles - a Book Review

I've recently had the opportunity to read Foundlings.  It is the first book of a series called The Peleg Chronicles. The story is written by Matthew Christian Harding, a homeschooling father.  The idea for the series originated from bedtime stories he had been telling his children.  His wife began listening in, and was so impressed she encouraged him to publish them.

Mr. Harding shares about himself very openly on his website.  He has had an interesting life filled with many struggles and pains. Thankfully, he was able to leave behind his darker days.  Today he has a loving family, and a devotion to God that is clearly evident in his writing.

It would be hard for me to place this book in a specific genre, but he describes it as creationism fiction.  Aptly described, it is a fictional story and there are strong creationism references throughout the pages.  The main characters give glory to God often and in clear language.   Mr Harding makes the promise that his books will have "no magic, no evolution, no humanism, and no compromise" and he is true to his word.

The book has several different stories interwoven quite nicely together.  Our heroes are very busy as they slay dragons, battle serpents, rescue maidens, outwit giants, as well as anger soldiers and their false priests.  In the quieter times, they are evangelizing to, and occasionally converting those who worship idols or false gods.  There really is quite a bit going on, and the story rarely lulls.

I was happy to see a book with characters that had a perfect combination of courage and faith along with loyalty and love.  I also appreciate that the author keeps that which is evil, evil.  There are no happy ogres or friendly dragons on these pages!  I did have a difficult time placing just when this story was taking place.  There are Lords, and Inns, and some basic technology - but also dragons, dwarves, and serpents.  I suppose that is where the companion  "Chronology Chart, from Adam to Joseph" would come in handy.

Unfortunately, I did not have one, and I'm still a bit befuddled, but it didn't take away from the story.  The writing is very descriptive and I could very clearly envision the tale, its heroes, villains, and its beasts as it unfolded.

I think this book is best suited for teens and young adults, but parents could easily enjoy it too.  It would also work as a family read aloud with children ten and up, depending on the children.  There are a few plot points involving the planned sacrifice of some of the characters.  In addition, the beasts are described vividly, and our heroes are limited to fairly primitive means of battling them.

It probably seems evident by what you've already read, this would be best appreciated by Christian families with Creationism beliefs looking for an adventure tale.

As I mentioned, this is book one of a series.  The second story, Paladins, was published in May of this year. Foundlings ends as a cliffhanger.  I have not read book two, but it picks up where the first left off.

A third book is due to be published in May of 2011.  Lap book and study guides are planned after that.

These books are paperback, and sell for $11.95 each.  The Chronological Chart is also available to purchase for $5.00, or a laminated version for $7.50.  Shipping is free when you order from the website. Credit cards or PayPal are accepted for online orders.  Mail order forms may be printed from the linked web page.  The books come with a money back guarantee.  If you don't like them, you may keep the book, and you will still get your money back.

To get to know more about the author and the series, you may visit the website at or contact the company by email using .

I received a signed copy of this book because I am a member of The Old Schoolhouse Crew.  Vendors provide us with products in exchange for our honest opinions expressed in a blogged review.   If you'd like to read what my crew mates thought of this book, you will find links to their reviews on the TOS website.