Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wits and Wagers ~ Family Edition

NorthStar Games

Just before Thanksgiving, my family was given the game Wits and Wagers ~ Family. We've been playing it now for several weeks.

Wits and Wagers Family Edition

This was certainly a perfect match for us.  My boys have wanted to play this game every single day.  They bring it with them to friends' houses.  They brought it to their social skills class.  We played it after Thanksgiving dinner.   We play together almost every day.  The game is fun, fast, and easy.  Nobody gets bored or loses interest, and there are always lots of laughs.

Before we played our first game, we unpacked the box.  There we saw the "Meeples".   What are Meeples?  Meeples are the cutest little game pieces I have ever seen.  Here are the ones included in Wits and Wagers Family.

Image courtesy of boardgamegeek.com user EndersGame

These Little guys have been showing up all over the house.  Even when we aren't playing the game, we love playing with the Meeples.  Ours now have faces and names.  But I digress...

To play the game, each person or team chooses a color, and then they get the card and the Meeples to match.   The card is a mini whiteboard, so players need a dry erase marker and a napkin to go with it.  The card with the number one is placed in the center of the table, and you're ready to begin.  The first question is read aloud, and everyone guesses at the answer.   It will be a number.  The answers are written on the whiteboards and placed in the middle of the table in ascending order.   Now all the players use their Meeples to place wagers.  A large Meeple is worth two points, and a small Meeple is worth one point.  They may be placed on any answer, it doesn't have to be your own.  Once all the wagers are made, the answer is revealed.  The number closest to the correct answer, without going over is the winner.  If a player guesses the exact number, they earn an extra point.  The scorekeeper will mark off one circle on the scorecard for each point earned until somebody reaches the end of the card.  Games last about 15- 20 minutes.

I liked that the questions are a mix of obscure trivia, interesting facts, and some that are very kid friendly.  I feel it is even playing field for everyone.  In our house, we love to read books full of these little nuggets of knowledge, so it was extra fun.  We loved knowing the answers to really crazy questions, and the answers we didn't know have been stored away like little treasures.

The game states it is for ages 8 and up.  It is best played with 3-10 players.   The game comes with ONE dry erase score card, FIVE large Meeples, FIVE small Meeples, FIVE dry erase answer boards, FIVE dry erase pens, 150 question cards, (with two questions on each card - making 300 total questions) and a full color set of rules written in easy to understand English.

Visit the North Star Games Website to see their other games.  They are the creators of the award winning original Wits and Wagers, and Say Anything. You'll also find links to learn more about the game designers and to their facebook and twitter.

I will admit that due to our obsessive play, we have been through all 300 questions already.  I don't think the average family would go through them so quickly, but, if needed - there is a 700 question expansion pack of cards designed to go with the original Wits and Wagers game.  The suggested age for the original game is 10 and up, so these questions are slightly more challenging, but still family friendly.  I found this out by calling their customer support and speaking with the extremely friendly and helpful man who answered my call.  Oh, and, if you lose your Meeples, or other game parts, never fear.  You can email the company and they will make arrangements to get you set up with replacement pieces.

If you have any other questions, NorthStar Games can be reached by email: (Sales@NorthStarGames.com), phone: (301)493.4331, or fax: (866)433.8069.

Some of the other members of the TOS crew are also reviewing this game.  We'll all be posting our reviews today.  

I was given this game to use with my family in exchange for my honest opinion expressed in this blog post.  I received no other compensation.