Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family Movie Night ~ A Change of Plans 1/8

Wal*Mart and Procter and Gamble are teaming up once again to bring a family friendly movie into your living room.

This Saturday, January 8th at 8PM, Fox will premiere "A Change of Plans". As always, Family Movie Night means you can sit down with your children and watch the entire show (including the commercials) without having to squirm or leap for the remote. The subject material is appropriate for children and the products advertised will be rated G.

After seeing this,you probably got the general idea of what happens. The young couple who are definitely "upwardly mobile" suddenly have to decide if they are going to choose between the orphaned children of her best friend from college (who had been serving in the Peace Corps in Uganda) or their very promising careers which are both on the threshold of huge breaks.

Considering the short period of time a television movie has to tell a story, I think they did a good job showing the transition from self centered to selfless, from sports car to minivan, from career driven to love and family driven.

They also show the turmoil that the four children experience as they make the transition. There are some bumps in the road, as you would expect. The kids have to adjust to a new country, a new home, and their devastating loss, but the producers manage to take the loose ends of each piece of the story and weave them together for a heartwarming ending.

Some of the things that I absolutely LOVED about this movie. The children respect the adults. Of course, they sometimes quarrel, but it is apparent that they love each other deeply. The characters all look fabulous in modest clothes, and they all use decent language. The husband and wife are supportive of each other and affectionate, even when they disagree. The popular "Stupid Dad" we see on TV these days is not in this movie. This couple makes decisions together and listen to the other. There was actually a prayer said before a meal. When one member of the family had something important to do, there were others there to cheer him or her on.

Another great reason to tune in on Saturday is that the better the ratings of the Family Movie Night offerings, the louder the message to the networks that we want more quality family programming on television.

Oh, and here's something fun... you could win a 55 inch flat screen television, or other great prizes with the Watch and Win program being sponsored by Family movie night and Change of Plans. Then you can share the link with family and friends for more chances to win!

I'd also like to remind you that you can like Family Movie Night on facebook so that you can keep up with any news about upcoming movies.

**I was given a sneak preview of this movie in order to share about it on my blog. I was not compensated in any way.


  1. Thanks for sharing our hop button!!! It really pops on your black background!

    Happy Friday eve!


  2. Looks like a cool film! I have seen "A Walk in My Shoes" and it was pretty good. I really hope to see the first two of the Walmart films. They look great!
    Thanks for posting!


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